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January 11, 2018 Minutes

The Board of Trustees of the Working Men’s Institute met on January 11, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.

President Fred Frayser called the Finance Committee meeting to order. The purpose of the committee meeting was to name a repository for the year and also to name the WMI’s financial officers. Mr. Maudlin motioned to keep Fifth Third Bank as the depository and also to keep the Trustees as the Financial Officers for the year of 2018. Mr. Cullum seconded. Accepted. Mr. Frayser than closed the Finance Committee meeting.

Then Mr. Frayser called the Board of Trustees Meeting to order. In attendance were Mr. Frayser, Vice-President Nathan Maudlin, Secretary Tom Cullum, Trustee Tamara Allison, Director Ryan Rokicki, and Circulation Specialist Rose Overton. One member of the public was also present.

Minutes of the December 6, 2017 meeting had been sent out electronically. Mr. Maudlin moved to accept the minutes as presented. Mr. Cullum seconded. Accepted.

The Treasurer’s report was then presented. With a surplus in both the Jeanne Miller Fund and the Actively Managed Account, it was reported that $21,000 would be moved from the Miller Fund and $26,000 from the Actively Managed Account to the Special Projects Savings Account (5/3 Bank) Mr. Maudlin moved to accept Treasure’s Report as presented. Mr. Cullum seconded. Approved.

In Old Business

Mr. Maudlin gave a report on the Special Projects Committee. Dr. Rapp has withdrawn his donation due to the town not donating as well to the project. There was a discussion regarding the return of other donations that were made solely for the Project. Mr. Maudlin made the motion that the WMI take no further action towards the Project and the acquisition of the school building and that a letter be written to the Town explaining the WMI’s decision. Ms. Allison seconded the motion. Approved.

In New Business

Mr. Rokicki made known that there is a moisture issue on the East wall of the second floor of the museum. Slight damage is visible. At this time Mr. Rokicki will be arranging for Koester Consturction to give an estimate for the repair. Mr. Frayser expressed gratitude to all of the volunteers who helped with the Christmas decorations. He would like to have an annual picnic for the volunteers of the Working Men’s Institute. Mr. Maudlin would like to have a reception for all of those who were on the Special Projects Committee after the next Trustees meeting on February 8, 2018. Mr. Maudlin then showed a power point of his trip to Washington DC that he would like to show at the reception.

Director’s Report~see attatched

Mr. Rokicki presented the claims. Mr. Maudlin moved to accept them. Mr. Cullum seconded. Accepted.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.