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Cellert Schnee Collection

The Gellert Schnee Collection               This collection was donated all or in part by Velda P. Gochis in 1983.  Together with the other Schnee family papers, it documents the activities of a prominent New Harmony family.             Gellert Schnee, 1812-1883, was the fifth of eleven children

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Owen Armstrong Collection

Owen Armstrong Collection   The Owen Armstrong Collection is a collection of 15 items of which 12 are correspondence.  The correspondence is mainly to Joseph Neef from William Maclure or between Richard Owen and his wife Anne Eliza Neef Owen.  There is an essay by Neef describing

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Series IM

New Harmony Series IM   The 408 letters that make up New Harmony Series IM were placed in the Working Men’s Institute by librarian, Nora Fretageot, wife of a grandson of Madame Marie Duclos Fretageot.  These letters are correspondence between Madame Fretageot and William Maclure.  They were

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Caroline Dale Baldwin Allen Papers

CAROLINE DALE BALDWIN ALLEN PAPERS Cataloged by Josephine M. Elliott     Introduction             The papers of Caroline Dale Baldwin Allen (Mrs. Bewley) were given to the New Harmony Workingmen’s Institute by her family after the settlement of her estate in 1991.  They consist of 32 legal-size

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Oversized Items

New Harmony Series XVI – Oversized Items               This series contains a wide variety of items including art work, images, playbills, posters, miscellaneous newspapers, photographs, etc.  The items are in this collection mainly due to size and their need to be stored flat.  They are found

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Maps and Plans

New Harmony Series VIII – Maps and Plans   New Harmony Series VIII – Maps and Plans is housed in the map case in the Branigin Archive.    Drawer 1 VIII.a  Maple Hill Cemetery maps VIII.b  Stewartsville Cemetery maps (photocopies) VIII.c  White County Bridge Blueprints VIII.d  White

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