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New Harmony Series XII – Bound Volumes of Business Records   The following information is based on notes written by Josephine M. Elliott in 1979.             In 1950, Arthur Bestor, catalogued series XII, Bound Volumes of Business Records.  It consisted of 18 volumes with entries commencing before

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New Harmony Series VI – Legal Documents   Folder 1           1804-1818 •·         Handwritten copy of will of Geo. Purcell of Kentucky, 5 Aug. 1804 •·         Land grant from Vincennes to Thomas Jones and signed by President James Madison, 20 July 1811 •·         Agreement to sell land on

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New Harmony Series V – Personal Papers           New Harmony V is made up of bound personal papers.  They range in time from 1795 to the early 1900s.  They vary in type including notebooks, diaries, account books, scrapbooks, weather records and manuscripts.  These books are collected

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New Harmony Series II – Filed Records of the New Harmony Community.     Folder 1           Athenian Literary Society       Minutes   Folder 2           Board of Underwriters, New Harmony          Tariff of Rates, 23 Sept. 1872   Folder 3           Civil War                                                         Volunteers from New Harmony in 15th Indiana, 1861

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