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December 7, 2016 Minutes

The Board of Trustees of the Working Men’s Institute met on December 7, 2016, at 4:30 p.m.

President Fred Frayser called the meeting to order. In attendance were Mr. Frayser,
Vice-President Nathan Maudlin, Treasurer Kenyon Bailey, Secretary Tom Cullum,Trustee
Tamara Allison, Representative of the Friends of the Working Men’s Institute Jeanne Maudlin,
Director Ryan Rokicki, and Margaret Scherzinger. Robert Bernardin was also in attendance.

Minutes of the November 17, 2016 meeting had been sent electronically. Mr. Maudlin moved
to accept the minutes. Mr. Cullum seconded. Accepted.

Before presenting the Treasurer’s report, Mr. Bailey invited Mr. Robert Bernardin of Hilliard
Lyons to comment on stock market activities of 2016. Discussion was held concerning the Actively
Managed Account, whether to keep the account in place or not. Mr. Maudlin moved to stay the
course of the Actively Managed Account. Mrs. Allison seconded. Accepted. Mr. Bailey then
presented the Treasurer’s Report. Mr. Cullum moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report and hold it for
audit. Mr. Mauldin seconded. Accepted.

In Old Business

Special Projects Committee ~ Mr. Cullum reported that the Hasgoe company has been sent a copy of the mold inspection and is waiting for a quote to clean the building from them. General discussion concerning the following topics then followed: Potential grants,changing from air conditioning to heat for the winter season, interest shown from a grocer for rent space in the school, and use of space by Head Start.

Friends of the WMI ~ Mrs. Maudlin reported that the schedule of their lecture series would be printed in postcard form instead of a brochure; they will provide the funds for a new water fountain; and they are reassessing the chili cook-off.

New Business

The Indiana Historical Society has awarded a $50,000 Heritage Support Grant to the WMI.

End-of-year Accounting ~ Mr. Cullum moved that year-end transfers should be made by the director to satisify the State Board of Accounts. Mr. Bailey seconded. Accepted.

Mr. Frayser thanked all of the volunteers who donated their time to help with the Christmas decorations.

A recess of the business meeting was called. An executive session was then called to discuss salaries.

The business meeting was then called back to order. Mr. Frayser stated that the Board was pleased with the job performances of Mr. Rokicki and Mrs. Scherzinger. With that in mind, Mr. Maudlin moved to increase the Director’s salary by 4% and the Circulation Specialist’s salary to $12.50 per hour beginning January 1, 2017. Mrs. Allison seconded. Accepted.

Director’s Report ~ Mr. Rokicki reported that he had received a quote from Koester’s Construction in the amount of $29,976 for repairs in the gallery. Mr. Cullum moved to authorize Mr. Rokicki to approve renovation of the gallery up to $30,000. Mr. Maudlin seconded. Approved.

Mr. Rokicki presented the claims. Mr. Bailey moved to accept the claims. Mrs. Allison seconded. Accepted.

The Meeting was then adjourned.