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Golden Plays Not Cataloged with Original Collection

Golden Plays Not Cataloged with Original Collection


Set 1


Dumb Girl of Genoa

The Irish Attorney

Life in New York

Rum, or the First Glass

The Gun Maker of Moscow

My Aunt (1829)

King of the Mist

Ion, a Tragedy

The Martyr of Antioch

Jonathan Bradford

Velvet and Rags

The Windmill


Wild Irish Girl

The Man who Follows the Ladies

Syren of Paris



The Carpenter of Rouen


Set 2


The Nabob (1813)

The Man of the World

Voice of Nature

A Tale of Mystery

A Bold Stroke for a Wife

Turning the Tables

Our Gal


Jacket of Blue

Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady

The Love Chase

Drawing Rooms, Second Floor and Attics

The Last Days of Pompeii

Little Barefoot (2)


Set 3


Nicholas Nickleby

Nebuchadnezzar (Opera)

The Marble Heart

Richard III

The Rent Day (2)

The Two Murderers

Ruth Oakley

The Rivals

Man with the Iron Mask

The Wife, a Tale of Mantau

King Henry IV

The Bottle Imp

Compromising Case

The Rifle Brigade

Delicate Ground, or Paris in 1793

William Tell

Won at Last


Set 4


Our Boys

On Bread and Water

The Lady of Lyons

The Lost Ship

Black Eyed Susan

Waiting for the Verdict

The Soldier’s Daughter

Speed the Plough

Second Love

Forest Keeper

Asmodeus, or Little Devil’s Share

King Henry VIII

London Assurance

Still Waters Run Deep

The Mascot


Manager in Destress

Who Killed Cock Robin

Woodcock’s Little Came

Peculiarly Perplexing Predicament


Set 5


Our Wife

Our Jemimy

On the Sly

Our New Lady’s Maid


Peace at Any Price

Pearl of Savoy

My Awful Dad

Browne the Martyr

Ladies Beware


Three Red Men

Diamond Cut Diamond

Above the Clouds

Wild Boy of Bohemia

The Mummy


King John

The Gambler’s Fate

The Fast Family

Fools Revenge

Dream at Sea

World of Fashion

The Rough Diamond