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July 14, 2016 Minutes

July 14, 2016 Minutes

The Board of Trustees of the Working Men’s Institute met on July 14, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.

President Fred Frayser called the meeting to order. In attendance were Mr. Frayser, Vice-President
Nathan Maudlin, Treasurer Dan Busler, Trustee Tom Cullum, Trustee Connie Weinzapfel, President
of the Friends of the Working Men’s Institute Ann Angle, Director Ryan Rokicki, and Margaret
Scherzinger. One member of the community was also present.

Minutes of the June 9, 2016 meeting had been sent electronically. Mr. Busler moved to
accept the minutes as presented. Ms. Weinzapfel seconded. Accepted.

Mr. Busler presented the Treasurer’s Report. Ms. Weinzapfel moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report and hold it for audit. Mr. Maudlin seconded. Accepted.

In Old Business

Collections Policy ~ Mr. Rokicki presented a Collections Policy which was written in collaboration with Ms. Weinzapfel. The policy recommends establishment of a Collections Advisory Committee which would include representation from the Board of Trustees, WMI Membership, and the community. Mr. Busler moved to accept the policy as presented. Following discussion concerning the addition of this policy to the by-laws, Mr. Busler ammended his motion to also include the policy be placed in the by-laws procedure and that the Collections Advisory Committee become a standing committee of the Working Men’s Institute. Ms. Weinzapfel again seconded. Accepted.

LSTA Grant ~ The State Library has been contacted for the set up of a data-exchange station necessary for the grant project.

Special Projects Committee ~ Mr. Maudlin reported on the Special Meeting of the New Harmony Town Council at which the Council agreed to remove the five (5) acres requirement from the previous document and they agreed to take possession of the building back if the WMI decides not to operate the school. Mr. Maudlin was pleased with the agreement. Discussion then followed concerning creation of a marketing presentation. No action was taken. Utilities were also discussed. Jeremy Efroymson and Dr. George Rapp have pledged to continue with the utilities payments to the town. The matters of air conditioning and mold were discussed. The town has yet to turn the air-conditioning on in the school building. Ms. Weinzapfel moved to engage a qualified companies to inspect for mold before the WMI signs the agreement requesting transfer of the property with the town. Mr. Mauldin seconded. Accepted.

New Business

Removal of Items from Circulating Collection ~ Ms. Weinzapfel moved allow the director to remove items from the circulation library collection as necessary. Mr. Busler seconded. Accepted.

Art Display ~ Mr. Maudlin mentioned that he had spoken with Deric Merriweather about displaying his work at the WMI. Mr. Rokicki will contact Mr. Merriweather about a possible exhibition during Black History Month.

Exterior Lights ~ Randy Borman, Borman Electrical, presented three options for the exterior lights in the front yard: 1) fix what is there; 2) fix and reposition what we have; and 3) entirely change to LED lights and reposition them. Mr. Rokicki will speak with Mr. Borman.

Repairs ~ Mr. Busler asked if we should review a list of repairs. Mr. Frayser has a list of repairs and other small projects that need attention and will ask the members to volunteer for a workday on July 23.

Josephine Elliott Papers ~ Ms. Weinzapfel reported that plans are to deliver Mrs. Elliott’s papers to the WMI next week. Discussion then followed concerning the dedication of the research room and a reception. The Board felt the appropriate time for this would be on October 18, 2016, following the Quartlerly Membership Meeting, with the meeting to be called to order at 6 p.m. They also would like to ask Ms. Weinzapfel and Dr. Donald Pitzer to speak at the dedication.

Director’s Report ~ see attached

Friends of the WMI ~ Mrs. Angle reported that despite the rain, the 4th of July Celebration was a success. The next event will be “A Story to Tell” lecture by Diane Smith Dahlgren on August 4. The Board thanked her for her patience with the lingth of the meeting and Mr. Busler recommended that this report follow the Treasurer’s Report on the agenda.

Mr. Rokicki presented the claims. Mr. Maudlin moved to accept the claims. Ms. Weinzapfel seconded. Accepted.

Mr. Busler moved to adjourn the meeting.