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June 12, 2014 Minutes

Working Men’s Institute Board of Trustees Minutes

The Board of Trustees of the Working Men’s Institute met June 12, 2014. President Fred Frayser called the meeting to order.

Those in attendance were Mr. Frayser, Vice-President Nathan Maudlin, Secretary Tom Cullum, Treasurer Melissa Peerman, Trustee Connie Weinzapfel, Director Ryan Rokicki, Margaret Scherzinger, Jeff Koester, and Rick Gooden.

The Minutes of the May 8, 2014 meeting were presented. Mr. Cullum moved to accept the minutes as presented.  Mrs. Peerman seconded.  Accepted.

The Treasurer’s Report was presented verbally. In lieu of a written report, Mr. Frayser presented the construction budget.  All were pleased with the progress.

Mr. Rokicki presented the claims. Mr. Cullum moved to approve the claims.  Ms. Weinzapfel seconded.  Accepted.

In Old Business


Audio/Visual ~ Rick Gooden expressed concern with the placement of the screen for optimal viewing. Discussion took place concerning the room aesthetics.

Lighting ~ Mr. Frayser asked Mr. Cullum to investigate alternative lighting in the room. All appreciated the look of the ceiling without fixtures attached.  Ms. Weinzapfel moved to not reinstall the florescent light fixtures, to have an electrician look at the wiring, to seal and paint the ceiling and wait for a more aesthetic lighting solution.  Mr. Cullum seconded.  Approved.

Painting ~ Discussion took place concerning painting and color scheme. Mr. Koester was given the scheme (same as the elevator project).  He will coordinate with the paint crew.

Mr. Cullum moved to issue a check to Remote Solutions for $17,667 for the audio/visual equipment. This will allow the equipment to be purchased and ready to be installed in coordination with the construction crew.  Ms. Weinzapfel seconded.  Approved.

Roof ~ Lehman’s has been here and repaired the valleys. They think everything is tight.  The tiles have not been replaced.

Thanks to the Wiley’s and the Boy Scouts for their help in moving books and book cases.

 In New Business

Director Rokicki made his report ~ see attachment

Ms. Weinzapfel offered the use of the tent across the street for the Friends’ Book Sale.

Mr. Frayser mentioned that he hoped that the Members would join with the Friends for a float in the New Harmony Bicentennial Parade.

Mr. Cullum moved to adjourn the meeting. Ms. Weinzapfel seconded.