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June 9, 2016 Minutes

June 9, 2016 Minutes

The Board of Trustees of the Working Men’s Institute met on June 9, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.

President Fred Frayser called the meeting to order. In attendance were Mr. Frayser, Vice-President
Nathan Maudlin, Treasurer Dan Busler, Trustee Tom Cullum, Trustee Connie Weinzapfel, President
of the Friends of the Working Men’s Institute Ann Angle, Director Ryan Rokicki, and Margaret
Scherzinger. One member of the community was also present.

Minutes of the May 12, 2016 meeting had been sent electronically. Mr. Busler moved to
accept the minutes as presented. Mr. Cullum seconded. Accepted.

Minutes of the Executive Session held on May 24, 2016 were amended to include: The Trustees
asked for backup data for the preliminary building assessment and the Final Report.

Mr. Maudlin moved to accept the Minutes of the Executive Session held on May 24, 2016.
Mr. Cullum seconded. Accepted.

Mr. Busler presented the Treasurer’s Report. Discussion was held concerning the Oil Lease Account.
Following the discussion, Mr. Maudlin moved to rename the Oil Lease Account to Special Projects and
that this account would follow the same protocol as the Jeanne Miller Fund. Special Projects would
then be included in the Treasurer’s Report. Ms. Weinzapfel seconded. Accepted.
Mr. Mauldin moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report and hold it for audit. Mr. Cullum seconded.

In Old Business

Charles Crawford Bequest ~ The check has been turned over to Hilliard Lyons for investment, as per the decision made at the May meeting

Mr. Frayser and Mr. Rokicki reported that all of the paperwork has been signed and two interns can be hired. The Board requested Mr. Rokicki make sure that the insurance company be notified that the interns are employees of the WMI.

Special Projects Committee ~ Discussion was held on numerous topics including:
· Feasibility Study
· An offer from the Efroymson Family Fund and Dr. George Rapp to continue with the utilities for a year
· The amount of money it would to make this project viable and how to raise the money
· An actual plan for use to present to donors
· USI is not interested in being a renter at this time, but would help facilitate matching donations
· The next step would be to approach the New Harmony Town Council to keep the building with utilities functioning until June 2017. Mr. Mauldin proposed a letter to present to the Town council.

Following the discussion, Mr. Cullum moved to amend the Transfer Option Agreement of November 3, 2015 to remove the references to the Feasibility Study and that Mr. Frayser may sign the amended agreement on behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Working Men’s Institute. Mr. Maudlin seconded. Accepted.

New Business

Collections Review ~ Ms. Weinzapfel recommended that the Board consider a Trustee serving as a member of the Collections Review Committee. Mr. Rokicki will work with Ms. Weinzapfel and report back to the Board at the July board meeting.

Roof ~ Mr. Cullum contacted Lehman Bros. Construction, who needs a bucket lift to complete a roof inspection. Mr. Cullum will coordinate with Mr. Rokicki to continue this project.

July Quarterly Membership Meeting ~ Mr. Maudlin would like a viewing of the “Inside the WMI” video be included on the agenda of the July 19 meeting.

Friends of the WMI ~ Mrs. Angle reported that the book sale is scheduled for this weekend, June 11 and 12, and will be held in the Maclure Room. She also reported that Ms. Weinzapfel will be the keynote speaker at the Annual July 4th Celebration.

Director’s Report ~ see attached

Mr. Rokicki presented the claims. Mr. Busler moved to accept the claims. Ms. Weinzapfel
seconded. Accepted.

Ms. Weinzapfel moved to adjourn the meeting.