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March 9, 2017 Minutes

The Board of Trustees of the Working Men’s Institute met on March 9, 2017, at 4:30 p.m.

President Fred Frayser called the meeting to order. In attendance were Mr. Frayser,
Vice-President Nathan Maudlin, Treasurer Kenyon Bailey, Secretary Tom Cullum,Trustee
Tamara Allison, Friends of the WMI Representitive Jeanne Maudlin, Director Ryan Rokicki,
and Margaret Scherzinger. One member of the public was also present.

Minutes of the February 9, 2017 meeting had been sent electronically. Mr. Cullum moved
to accept the minutes as presented. Mr. Bailey seconded. Accepted.

Mr. Bailey presented the Treasurer’s Report. Mr. Maudlin moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report
and hold it for audit. Mrs. Allison seconded. Accepted. Mr Maudlin also moved to transfer monies
from the Jeanne Miller Account above $200,000 to the Special Projects Account as soon as possible.
Mr. Cullum seconded. Accepted.

Friends of the WMI ~ Mrs. Maudlin reported that Patricia Gosh will present “Dolls in the Archives”
on March 23, as part of the Friends’ Lecture Series. She asked about the progress of installing the
new water fountain. Mr. Rokicki reported that Jim Naas is working on the pipes and hopes to have
the installation completed in a couple of weeks. Mrs. Mauldin also invited the Board of Trustees and
the Members to a surprise reception for Robert and Marcia Lange. Both Mr. and Mrs. Lange have
been intregral parts of the WMI and the Friends and will be missed as they move to northern Illinois.

In Old Business

Special Projects Committee ~ Mr. Maudlin reported that a tour of the school was conducted by the owners of the Little Giant grocery store. Mr. Maudlin recommended that it is time to make a pitchto potental donors. Mr. Frayser and Mr. Maudlin will develop that and bring it to the Board. Mr. Maudlin also reported that Tony Treadway mentioned that the University of Evansville is interested in reestablishing a presence in New Harmony, perhaps in conjunction with this project. Discussion then followed about future staffing at the school. It is felt that the positions of Exectuive Director and Maintainance/Agricultural Manager should be deveolped

Building and Grounds ~ Mr. Rokicki reported that Roger Wade has power washed the front steps, washed and sealed the sidewalks, and refinished the front and elevator doors. The repairs in the gallery walls, refinishing the gallery ceiling, and painting should be complete in a couple of weeks. Dan Bollinger has been hired to work on the shelving in the basement.

New Business

Mr. Frayser received paperwork from the Regional Cities Grant committee that needs to be signed and returned. This concerns the Farm to Table portion of the grant.

Mr. Mauldin mentioned that he had attended an “Appeals on Wheels” session sponsored by the Indiana Court of Appeals at DePauw University recently. He suggested that the Maclure Room would be a perfect setting for one of these sessions and asked Direcdtor Rokicki to research the possibility of hosting one.

Director’s Report ~ see attached

Mr. Rokicki presented the claims. Mr. Maudlin moved to accept the claims. Mr. Bailey seconded. Accepted.

Mr. Maudlin moved to adjourn the meeting.