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October 17, 2017 Quarterly Minutes

Working Men’s Institute Members Meeting~ October 17, 2017

Acting Speaker Dan Busler called the Membership Meeting to order. Nineteen (19) active members answered roll call.

Fred Frayser called the Budget Adoption to order. He stated that for 2018 our advertised budget is $232,046. He briefly explained that the money for the budget comes from county taxes, investments and donations.

The minutes of the July 18, 2017 meeting were distributed prior to this evening’s meeting. Linda Warrum moved to suspend the reading of the minutes. Tamara Allison seconded. Approved.

Fred Frayser gave a report of the Trustee’s minutes. Mr. Frayser gave an update on the issues of the New Harmony School Building. There will be a report by the Indiana Economic Development Commission concerning the New Harmony School, The Bridge, and Way Finding. Mr. Frayser also gave an update on repairs and upkeep of the WMI. There was a budget meeting open to the public in September, but no patrons attended.

Kenyan Bailey presented the Treasurer’s Report. Mr. Bailey went over the Treasurer’s Report for September 2017, which was distributed at this evening’s meeting. He explained that any money above $400,000 in the Hilliard Lyons Actively Managed Account would be set aside and used for special projects. A question was asked if government money could be invested in a credit union. Still waiting on the Auditor’s report. Nathan Maudlin moved to approve the Treasurer’s report. Tim Wiley seconded. Approved.

Secretary’s Report~none

Personnel~Mr. Rokicki introduced Rose Overton as the replacement for Margaret Scherzinger at the WMI.

Long Range Planning~ none

Special Projects Committee Report~ none

Friends of the WMI~Katie Reineke reported that the Kuntsfest book sale on September 16-17 brought in $281 including 10 tote bags. There was an attendance of 18 people at Jeanne Hardt’s lecture. 9 teams signed up for the chili cook off which will be on October 21st.

Membership~ Nathan Maudlin informed the membership that there were (2) two new members present that were not mentioned on the roll call. Amanda Chevalier and Tom Stahl.
There are still (2) two openings for members at present and in January of 2018 there will be (3) three openings for members.
Ryan Rokicki informed the membership that Ernie Rapp wants to become an associate member. The requirement is to be an active member for (10) ten years. Kenyan Bailey moved to accept Ernie Rapp as an associate member. Tim Wiley seconded. Approved.
Linda Warrum asked a question on how to nominate new members. Fred Frayser answered that it has to be submitted in writing before the next meeting. Phillip Werry motioned to close the election process. Kenyan Bailey seconded. Approved.

Old Business~none

New Business~none

Director’s Report~Mr. Rokicki went over meetings and events that were hosted at the WMI. The Reading Room is a successful meeting place here at the WMI. Appreciation was extended to the Garden Club for tending the flowerbeds.

With no other business, Ted Moore moved to adjourn the meeting.