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September 10, 2015 Minutes

Minutes of the Board of Trustees September 10, 2015

The Board of Trustees of the Working Men’s Institute met September 10, 2015.  President Fred Frayser
called the meeting to order.

Those in attendance were Mr. Frayser, Vice-President Nathan Maudlin, Treasurer Dan Busler,
Secretary Tom Cullum, Trustee Amanda Bryden, Director Ryan Rokicki, and Margaret Scherzinger.

Others in attendance were Ken Balczo, Robert Bernardin, Ann Angle, Jeanne Maudlin, and Dan Barton.

The Minutes of the August 13, 2015, meeting were presented.  Mr. Cullum moved to accept the
minutes.  Mr. Busler seconded.  Accepted.

Ken Balczo was present at the meeting to discuss and answer questions concerning the exterior
wall movement.  Following discussion Mr. Balczo and Director Rokicki made an inspection while
the meeting continued. He will return to the meeting shortly.

Mr. Busler presented the Treasurer’s Report.   Mr. Maudlin moved to accept the report and hold
it for audit.  Ms. Bryden seconded.  Accepted.

Mr. Robert Bernardin, Hilliard Lyons agent, recommended that 20% of the WMI portfolio could
change to a new account with only an advisory fee.  Following discussion, Mr. Maudlin moved to
move 20% of the endowment fund to a Risk Management portfolio and give Robert Bernardin
authority to choose what to move.  Mr. Busler seconded.  Accepted.

Mr. Balczo then returned to the meeting to communicate his findings.  He stated that he felt that
repair to the wall was not urgent at this time.  He felt that the wall could be stabilized which would
be architecturally and cosmetically pleasing.  He stated that this would not be productive and
recommended to try to pull the wall back into alignment.  He also recommended marking the joists
and monitoring them regularly.  He will send a written report.

In Old Business

Special Projects Committee ~ Mr. Maudlin reported that the New Harmony Town Board has agreed to proceed with the ‘band-aid’ mold remediation of the school building and to accept the WMI’s offer to pay the utilities for six months.  He also feels that the Town Board may still make another proposal to us.

Rental Policy ~ Director Rokicki presented a final draft of a rental policy.  Mr. Cullum moved to accept the policy as presented.  Mr. Maudlin seconded.  Accepted.

Prosperi Art and WMI Marketing Video ~ Mr. Maudlin reported that Marcia Lange would be available to produce a twelve minute video highlighting the exhibits, etc. of the WMI to present to Mr. Prosperi and to use as a marketing/informational tool.  Mr. Cullum moved for Marcia Lange to produce this said video for the cost of $1,025 with Director Rokicki’s authority to work out the details with Mrs. Lange.  Ms. Bryden seconded.  Accepted.

New Business

Director’s Report ~ see attachment.  The Board directed Mr. Rokicki to proceed with the installation of security cameras.

Mr. Rokicki presented the claims. Mr. Maudlin moved to accept the claims.  Mr. Cullum seconded.

The meeting was then adjourned.