Oversize Case (Maps, Plans, Posters, Etc.)
April 30, 2009
Caroline Dale Baldwin Allen Papers
June 27, 2009

New Harmony Series XVI – Oversized Items

            This series contains a wide variety of items including art work, images, playbills, posters, miscellaneous newspapers, photographs, etc.  The items are in this collection mainly due to size and their need to be stored flat.  They are found in oversized document  case on top of the map case in the Branigin Archive.  Drawers 1-2 contain items in this series.  The New Harmony High School photographs in this series are housed in an archival box on top of the case.  Drawers 3 & 4 contain items from New Harmony Series VIII – Maps and Plans.  Drawers 5-10 contain oversized items from the Golden Collection.

Drawer 1

•·         XVI.1  Posey County Fair Premium Lists.  7-9 Oct. 1862 and 27-30 Sept. 1864

•·         XVI.2  New Harmony Theater Playbills.  June 1859-Sept. 1881 and New Harmony Opera House Playbills.  May 1885-June 1901.  Actors and musicians include members of the Golden Troupe and locals.  Twenty dated items and several undated.

•·         XVI.3  Pattern for tapestry picture.  Betsy Craddock’s School.  New Harmony, Indiana.  Presented to the WMI by former student Kate Schnee Highman in 191[4?].  Image of Joseph being put in well by his brothers.  Captions in German.

•·         XVI.4  Miscellaneous Playbills and Broadsides:  Eighth Commencement of Asbury University, 1847; Library Dedication Observance, WMI, ca.1894; Art Gallery Souvenir Catalogue, WMI, 1895; Ladies’ Minstrels, Thralls Opera House, 1895; 4th of July Observance, Thrall’s Opera House, 1975; The Choral-Ayres form U. of E., Thrall’s Opera House, 1975.

•·         XVI.5  Sheet Music: America Up-To-Date: A Patriotic March written specially for the Hearst Newspapers by J. S. Duss, conductor of Duss’s Famous Band,  Music, Supplement of Hearst’s Chicago American, Aug. 31, 1902.  John Duss was the last trustee of the Harmony Society; You Will Always Be the Same Sweet Girl to Me written and composed by J. Arthur Nelson especially for the Sunday Post Dispatch, Supplement to the Sunday Post Dispatch, Sept. 1, 1901.

•·         XVI.6  Lace Poster.  Caption in French.  Translation: Small table-piece made of old embroidery and lace which adorned the caps and bonnets which the women of Normandy used to wear in olden times.  The lace was made by hand in the Bayeux region, department of Calvados.  Sent by Madam Lecanu, 19 Rue Lejuex, Cherbourg, Manche.

•·         XVI.7  Poster of Presidents.  Washington through Truman.  Compliments of the Union Pacific Railroad.

•·         XVI.8  Birth Certificate.  Hand painted.  German.  1807 in the state of Pennsylvania.

•·         XVI.9  Miscellaneous Newspapers: 5 Jan. 1855, South Western Advocate, Mt. Vernon, IN; 19 Oct. 1872, Mount Vernon Republican; 5 Jan. and 12 Jan. 1881, Mt. Vernon Democrat.

Drawer 2

•·         XVI.10  Bird’s Eye View of Mount Vernon, Indiana. 1881.  Reproduction.  Streets and important places named.  16×19 in.

•·         XVI.11  Advertisements and Announcements

•1.      Hydes threshing machine.  May 1, 1828.  Printed at the office of the New Harmony Gazette.  Advertising a demonstration of the machine at Community No. 3. 

•2.      Flood warning.  No date.  From the Mt. Carmel lock-keeper.  Printed by the New Harmony Times.  Reads impart: “26 feet will overflow New Harmony south of Steammill St. and put water 18 inches deep in Maclure Park.  It is believed the light plant will be shut down Monday night.”

•3.       Dedication of new Catholic Church.  Sunday, August 27, 1899, New Harmony, Indiana.

•4.      Honor to the Brave.  Free Barbecue.  Honoring Capt. Owen’s Company of volunteers returning from Mexico.  27 July 1848.

•5.      Dr. Liberty Darling Brooks.  A Card to Invalids.  No date.  Advertises a new approach to healing using medicines.

  • XVI.12  Plans for WMI.  North Elevation.  1892.
  • XVI.13  A Bird’s Eye View of One of the Communities in Harmony in the state of Indiana North America.  An Association of Two Thousand Persons Formed upon the Principles Advocated by Robert Owen.  Stedman Whitwell, Architect.  Reproduction of original held in the Library of Congress. 1968. 67 of 500 copies.
  • XVI.14  Poster of “The Town of Lanark.”  Reproduction of 1825 print.  Limited edition.  No.53.
  • XVI.15  Friends of the Wabash.  Opposition to the Wabash Canal. 1976.
  • XVI.16  Probate of will.  Samuel Arthur.  12 Mar. 1874.  Written in England.
  • XVI.17  Pastoral scene with horses.  Print of original.  Title: Chevax Dans La Prairie.  18×26 cm.
  • XVI.18  Board Game.  “Science in Sport, or The Pleasures of Natural Philosophy.”  Published in 1805.  “For Master Dale Owen and Master Richard Owen.”  72×56 cm.  Print, negative, 2 photostats; negative and photostat of  recipients’ names.  From the Caroline Dale B. Allen Collection.
  • XVI.19  Tourist poster for historic New Lanark
  • XVI.20  Corn meal bag.  25 lb.  Bolted white corn meal.  Geo. Couch & sons.  New Harmony, Ind.  Logo has picture of a rain tree with word “Harmony” above it.
  • XVI.21  David Dale Owen’s Laboratory.  Watercolor by Mary Ford.  Gift of Thelma Alsop.  13×19 in.
  • XVI.22  Three pencil sketches of Weirnshein in Germany. Information on artists on backs.  One reproduction print of Nuremberg market in 1716.  Letter in German accompanies the images.
  • XVI.23  Poster.  St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Festival of Music.  New Harmony, Indiana.  The Fourth Season.  August 7-15, 1981.  Image of Roofless Church on poster.
  • XVI.24  Posey County Agricultural Society diplomas.  1873.  Awarded to members of the Fretageot family.
  • XVI.25  Poster of Lesueur exhibits at various places in Le Haver and elsewhere.  December, 1987.
  • XVI.26  Broadside reproduction.  Caption: “A catalogue of Garden, Grass, Herb, Flower, Tree & Shrub Seeds, Flower=Roots, &c, &c. Sold by Bernard McMahon, Seedman. Ca. 1830.  Reprinted 1993 at Old Economy Village.
  • XVI.27  Various digital reproductions of Jacob Maentel works on display in the museum.  Sizes and type of paper vary.
  • XVI.28  New Harmony fire department logo.  No date.
  • XVI.33  Poster for bicentennial birthday of Rafinesque.
  • XVI.34  Poster for Shakertown Visits New Harmony. 1981
  • XVI.35 Poster of Indiana Governors. 1822-1970
  • XVI.36 Images of Horace Pestalozzi (text in German)
  • XVI 38 Terre Napoleon : an encounter.  1987 Calendar  commemorating the Baudin Expedition with watercolor images by Charles-Alexander Lesueur.  Cataloged in Athena bar code #1031342.

On Top of Storage Case

  • XVI.29  Three photographs of Posey County soldiers. Donated by William F. Bouts.  10×15, 10×26, 10×28 inches. 139th F.A. Battery Camp Knox, Ky., 1924, 1925, 1928.  Handwritten on the back of two: “Posey County men WWI.”

•·         XVI.30  Class photographs 11×14 New Harmony High School seniors.  1975-1980.  New Harmony School.  1924.  Photography of all students and faculty.  3 copies.  One in very poor condition.  8×36 in.  One framed. (The two unframed photos are in map case 1.)

  • XVI.31 Handmade posters with individual photographs of seniors of New Harmony High School.  One poster for each year from 1933-1944.  Class photographs 11×14 New Harmony High School seniors.  1975-1980.
  • XVI.37  Photograph in frame.  12X26 in.  Emma Jane Legan.  New Harmony, IN.

Stored out of sequence

  • XVI.32  Poster of voting instructions. ca. 1915.  24×30 inches.  Found in 2008 while restoring the Ribeyre Gym.  Donated by Don Williams.  Ballot boxes found with the poster were given to the town clerk.  (Drawer 1)


Box 1 (Branigin Archive)

  • XVI.33 1859 Fourth of July celebration poster.  Reproduced in 1980.
  • XVI.34 Poster and handout for lecture on Lesueur by Dr. Marie-Louise Loir Hemphill, 1976
  • XVE.35 Poster for An Evening of Dance Theater, the Opera House, 1981

Box 2 (Branigin Archive)     Engravings

  • Portraits of Robert Owen and William Maclure – Folder 1
  • Meyer view of New Harmony, 1852 – Folder 2
  • William Maclure – Chretein Physiognotrace – Folder 3
  • Engravings by (or of interest to) John Chappellsmith 8 and possibly 5 others – Folder 4
  • Alexander von Humboldt, 7 scientific subjects, 1801 – Folder 5
  • Lesueur prints (?) (“from New Holland) – Folder 6
  • Father Rapp’s residence from Ariel – Folder 7
  • Pictures of engravings of C. Tiebout – Folder 8
  • Page from “Description of the State of Indiana” – Seal and Cut-off river from Bodmer – Folder 9


Box 3 (Branigin Archive)     Always a River Exhibit


            Originally exhibited in Mt. Vernon, contains 2 posters and 6 photos of Mt. Vernon on the Ohio and 4 posters and 13 reproductions of Lesueur sketches concerning the “Boat Load of Knowledge”, 1825 Pittsburgh to New Harmony. Research materials for the Harmony on the Wabash exhibit fabricated for the WMI museum and funded by a Wabash River Corridor Heritage Grant.

Box 4 (Branigin Archive)     Original Art Work


  • Two lists of art and engraving done by New Harmony people.  All items listed are not in this box.
  • Church St. N.W. showing Granary and Rapp House.  By [H.] Rogers from an earlier work by David Dale Owen. Pencil and watercolor
  • Three sketches by John Chappellsmith in watercolor and pencil.
  • Three views of New Harmony probably from earlier sketches by D. D. Owen, 1890s to 1900.
  • Folder containing watercolor or pencil sketches by Ella Cymer Dietz – miniature oil, pencil sketch by William Fleetwood Varley, 1830, pencil sketch by [no name] Chadwick, 1861, pencil sketch by Homer Lichtenberger, 1872, pencil sketch by Grace Zaring Stone.
  • Watercolor and pencil sketches by William L. Lichtenberger, approximately 40 in two folders
  • Four pencil and charcoal sketches of Horace Pestalozzi Owen by James Baldwin, pre 1914
  • Watercolor and pencil sketches by Bessie L. Mumford, approximately 40, 1890s
  • Watercolor of the Wabash by Clem Penrose-painted to submit with proposal for Harmony on the Wabash exhibit in the museum of the WMI
  • Photocopy of Ethel McFadden’s version of McFadden’s Bluff originally done by Lesueur

Box 5 (Branigin Archive)

  • Henry Brown Co. Clothier, New Harmony. Flyer, 28×45 cm.
  • Community House 2.  HABS 1934 field drawings.  Photocopies of notebook.  16 pages.  28×22 cm.
  • New Harmony article.  July 14, 1963.  Louisville Courier Journal
  • Schematic of Corbin Mill, 1896.  Hand drawn.  35×45 cm.
  • Twigg Family material
  • Minerva Society members.  Photographs.  2 pages.  50×30 cm.
  • Records of the German Evangelical Church.  Late 1800s to early 1900s.  Photocopies
  • Blueprints of David Dale Owen Laboratory.  HABS, 1934.  13 sheets.  45×55 cm.
  • Fauntleroy Family genealogy.  6 sheets.  45×65 cm.
  • Life visits New Harmony.  Life Magazine. Ca.1945
  • Maple Hill Cemetery WWII monument.  Color photo.  28×35 cm.  Caption: These guys gave away all their tomorrows for your today. 1995
  • Golden, William E.  8×10 B& W photo.  For Kenneth Dale Owen from his friend  and well-wisher. William E. Golden, 1929

Box 6 (Branigin Archive)     Various Newspapers

See New Harmony Series 14  Newspapers

Box 7 Branigin Archive        Theatrical Broadsides and Playbills and Miscellaneous

            Contains a number of broadsides and handbills for professional and amateur productions in New Harmony by a variety of groups over the years in a number of local settings including Thralls Opera House and Murphy Auditorium.  Also includes advertisements and flyers on a variety of subjects.  The items cover a time period from 1840’s to 1940’s with two later additions: a Christmas Ball poster from 1985 and a “Trumpet, Blow True” poster from the 1964 New Harmony Sesquicentennial. 

            In addition are several miscellaneous items of particular interest:

  • Flyer dated Sept. 14, 1865 reporting on committee findings looking into an institution of higher education in New Harmony.  Committee members were Richard Owen and E. T. Cox.
  • G.A.R. Banner.  Cloth.  25×35 cm.
  • 1949 Report by Harry Glump on Theatre on New Harmony and a list of plays presented in New Harmony between 1827 and 1873.
  • Roster for the 1902 New Harmony chapter of the Ku Klux Klan
  • A list of the names of the members of the Ladies Library of  Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana, their occupation, amt. of subscription in money, names of books donated, books purchased, etc.  Submitted as an application for the $500.00 award from the Maclure Library Fund. 1855.

Box 8 Branigin Archive        Miscellaneous

  • Anatomical annotated sketches done in New Harmony ca. 1830 by an artist identified as Clorion.  The drawings and annotations were taken from “The Medical Advisor and Domestic Physician published in London.  The drawings are accompanied by a provenance supplied by Dr. Huron W. Lawson when they were given to the Surgeon General’s Library, United States Army, Washington, D.C.  The WMI holds 26×35 cm. color copies.  The originals are held by The U.S. National Library of Medicine and can be viewed on their website.

There is much debate as to the identity of Clorion.  Several drawings by Clorion are held in the private archives of the Owen Family in New Harmony.  In 1830 New Harmony, there were several individuals capable of producing quality artwork.  Most prominent among them is David Dale Owen.  Not only an artist, he was a trained physician.  A folder of background information is stored with the sketches.

  • Poster from C. F. Childs and Co.  ca. 1921 documenting war bond posters for WWI.
  • Drawing of front of Harmonist brick church and outline drawing of foundation showing cross formation.  Produced mid 20th century.
  • Set of six laminated place mats.  Covered bridges painted by Posey County artist, Charles Hirsch.
  • Dedication program for the Atheneum.  10 Oct. 1979