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Maria Clara Morales Jane Blaffer Owen Creative-in-residence Fellowship Recipient for Creative Residency in New Harmony

September 7 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Colombian Architect Maria Clara Morales Selected as Jane Blaffer Owen Creative-in-residence Fellowship Recipient for Creative Residency in New Harmony
New Harmony, IN – The prestigious Jane Blaffer Owen Creative-in-Residence Fellowship
proudly announces the selection of Maria Clara Morales, a talented young Colombian
architect, as the second recipient of this year’s fellowship. Morales, who is also a
distinguished Exhibit Columbus, University Design Research Fellow, in partnership with
Esteban García Bravo, on August 28th, will embark on a two-week immersive creative
residency in New Harmony, Indiana, uncovering the town’s rich history and forward-thinking community.
Hailing from Colombia, Maria Clara Morales brings a unique perspective shaped by her.
background in architecture and her commitment to cultivating positive change in rural
communities. The fellowship extended through the generous invitation of the Robert
Lee Blaffer Foundation offers Morales a transformative opportunity to explore the
vibrant culture and history of New Harmony while engaging with its residents and
“I am deeply honored to be chosen for the Jane Blaffer Owen C. I. R. Fellowship and to
have the chance to delve into the captivating narrative of New Harmony,” expressed
Morales. “Coming from a country where rural towns often lack opportunities for
progress, New Harmony’s fearless pursuit of innovation resonates with me. I am eager
to learn from this exceptional community and translate my experiences into meaningful
actions back in Colombia.”
Morales’ fascination with New Harmony’s history and its commitment to experimental
living serves as the cornerstone of her creative aspirations during her residency. Her
agenda includes meticulously studying the town’s diverse architecture, ranging from
19th-century log cabins to world-renowned modernist structures. Additionally, she aims
to fully immerse herself in the local culture by partaking in cultural events, exploring
museums, and engaging with the town’s artistic offerings.
“As I step away from the bustling urban landscape of Colombia and immerse myself in
the serene ambiance of New Harmony, I anticipate that this change of scenery will
invigorate my creative spirit,” Morales remarked. “By observing, reflecting, and
documenting my experiences, I aim to encapsulate the essence of New Harmony
through my lens and artistic interpretation.”
Morales envisions her journey as a convergence of personal introspection and the
exploration of the unfamiliar. This transformative experience promises to spark new
knowledge, inspire creative breakthroughs, and foster lasting connections between
cultures. Throughout her residency, Morales intends to share her perspective at a free
lecture open to the public on September 7th from 6:30 to 8:00 PM at the Working
Men’s Institute. The idea of engaging with the local community and exchanging cultural
insights adds a layer of enrichment to her journey, fostering a deeper understanding of
both New Harmony and Colombia.
The Jane Blaffer Owen Fellowship offers Maria Clara Morales the platform to forge
connections, explore uncharted territories, and foster creative growth, all while
honoring the ethos of New Harmony’s innovative spirit. This fellowship not only
represents an opportunity for personal enrichment but also a cross-cultural exchange
that promises to resonate on a global scale.
About Jane Blaffer Owen Creative-in-Residence Fellowship:
The Jane Blaffer Owen C. I. R. Fellowship is a prestigious artistic residency program that
provides visionary creators like Maria Clara Morales the opportunity to immerse
themselves in the historical and artistic tapestry of New Harmony, Indiana. By fostering
cross-cultural exploration and artistic engagement, the fellowship honors the legacy of
Jane Blaffer Owen and her dedication to promoting the fusion of culture, history, and
creative expression.
Special thanks to Richard McCoy and Design Columbus, as well as to Kent and Laurie
Parker Family Foundation and the Efroymson Family Fund for their support of the


September 7
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm