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The Pelham Collection


            The Pelham family connection with New Harmony begins with William Pelham, 1759-1827.  Born in Williamsburg, VA, he was a surgeon in the Revolutionary War.  From Zanesville, Ohio, where he was postmaster and editor of the Ohio Republic, he came to join the Owen community early in 1825.  His letters of this time are preserved and reflect his interest and enthusiasm in the experiment. He served as editor of the New Harmony Gazette.  When he died in 1827, the community was tottering, but his belief in the ideals on which it was based never wavered.

            Most of the letters from the community days were to his son, William C. Pelham in Zanesville who eventually moved to New Harmony where the family was prominent throughout the 19th century.

            The family papers were in the hands of his grandson and great-grandchildren.  They were given to the WMI and cataloged.  The collection was added to at a later time by the purchase of the Pelham-McNamara papers and the gift of the Lawrence James Pelham papers.  All three collections were merged together by Mrs. Josephine Elliott.

            As the Pelham family was prominent in the East from the earliest days of settlement in America, some family papers are from the 1600s and 1700s and early 1800s before the family moved to New Harmony.  The papers continue on to chronicle the family’s affairs throughout the rest of the 19th century.

            Collection held in filing cabinet in Branigin Archive.


Folder 1          Genealogical Material

Charts, correspondence, notes, Antiques Dec. 1947: Peter Pelham – Engraver in Mezzotinto, DAR March 1974: Music in the Life of Thomas Jefferson, DAR: May 1974: cover picture of family of John Singleton Copley stepson of Peter Pelham, Smithsonian, April 1976: two portraits by Copley.

Folder 1a        Genealogical Material

Chart, Xerox pages of family Bible, miscellaneous Xeroxes

Folder 1b        Genealogical Material

Maysville, Kentucky branch manuscripts

Folder 1c        Genealogical Material

Chart, family histories and newspaper clippings

Folder 2          McNamara Correspondence

Letters to and from Mrs. Mary Pelham McNamara concerning Pelham papers in her possession.  Many are to and from WMI librarians Josephine Elliott and Aline Cook.

Folder 3          Pelham Family History

Family history written by Caroline Creese Pelham.  Copy of The story of New Harmony

for children by Caroline Creese Pelham.

Folder 4          Legal Papers, 1696-1734

Indentures, wills, powers of attorney, land plots, receipts, extracts of records, deeds, quit claims – largely concerning Myles family

Folder 5          Legal Papers, 1710-1736

Indentures, receipts, deeds, bond of arbitration, bond of indemnity – largely concerned with the Creese family.

Folder 6          King’s Chapel Law Suit – Trinity Church business papers, 1737-1739 and William Price documents

Folder 7          Kings Chapel Law Suit – Sarah Price, papers and will

Folder 8          Kings Chapel Law Suit – 1809-1811

Documents concerning suit of William Pelham vs. King’s Chapel.  Transcript of “contemporary journal” placed with original.

Folder 9          Helena Pelham Estate Suit, 1784-1830

Estate accounts, two statements about lawsuit by William and William Creese Pelham

Folder 10        Creese Family

Receipts for services rendered to Mrs. Sarah Creese and other family members; expense of the Misses Sarah & Margaret Creese during lifetimes & for burials.


Folder 11        William Pelham Correspondence       

30 March 1785  Peter & Charles Pelham, Brandon Glebe, [VA] to “Dr. Billy”, Boston. From the McNamara Purchase.

Folder 12        William Pelham Correspondence

5 Sept. 1800    Byrne, Pat, Dublin to [William Pelham, Boston]

Folder 13        William Pelham Correspondence, 1787-1825

A number of the letters concern the Zanesville post office and William’s position as postmaster.  Photocopies of correspondence between Pelham and Thomas Jefferson and Noah Webster.

Folder 14 –16 William Pelham Correspondence, 30 Aug. 1803-1 Aug. 1813

Correspondence between Dr. Pelham and his nephew Charles Blagrove.  46 letters

Folder 16 contains the transcriptions of the letters in folders 14 & 15.

Folder 17-18   William Pelham Correspondence, 7 Dec. 1811-3 Nov. 1813

Correspondence between Dr. Pelham and Penuel B. Roberts. 16 letters.  One letter from Joseph May.  Letters include transcriptions.

            7 Dec. 1811     Rogers, Pen[ue]l B., Boston, Mass. To William Pelham, Newark, N.J. 3 pp.

            Has received payment form Munrow & Francis.  Will attach Jutaw’s furniture immediately.  Paid bond to Mrs. Blagrove.  Blagrove family has sailed for Baltimore on schooner Independence.

            11 Jan. 1811[12]         Rogers, Penuel B., Boston, Mass.  To William Pelham, Newark, N.J. 4 pp.

            Reports on Chappellites vs. Pelhamites and efforts of lawyers to make it a legal case.  Problems of collection old debts of Munrow & Francis, McFarlane, Thomas, Jutaw.  Trying hard to sell his pew.  Recommends George Weller, Jr., reputation during his apprenticeship good.

            29 Jan. 1812                Rogers, Penuel B., Boston, Mass.  To William Pelham, Newark, N.J. 4 pp.

            Samuel Dexter gone to Washington leaving Pelham in lurch – Chappell business postponed to March term. Munrow & Francis paid note.  Jutaw a rascal.  Taxes on his pew.  Financial transaction, family news.

            2 Mar. 1812                 P[elham], [William], Newark, N.J.  To P[enuel], B. Rogers, Boston, Mass.  2 pp.

            Saw Samuel Dexter on his Chapel business.  Apprehensive of outcome if court decides against him, Chapel will get estate and leave him to begin again in old age.  Business of Munrow & Francis.  Trying to sell circulation library to Edw. Cotton and remove to Philadelphia.  Has Jones on Newbury St. sold his iron pipe and stove.

            12 Mar. 1812               Rogers, Penuel B., Boston, Mass.  To William Pelham, Newark, N.J.  4 pp.

            Had an accident.  Chapel business to be settled or compromised; Munrow & Francis settling; has money for stove; urged Cotton to decide on library – thinks Parker wants it and will give price – noticed in Philadelphia paper Pelham appointed Justice.

            15,16, 18? Apr. 1812  Rogers, Penuel B., Boston, Mass.  To William Pelham, Newark, N.J.  8 pp.

            Parker declines to purchase library at his price; uncertain if he has adequate security; deal with John Gallender & Sons; Charles very eager; urges his return; Chappel business in status quo; pressing Munrow & Francis for balance; Jutaw’s affairs hopeless; Charles made one more effort for funds paid Oliver yearly tax on pew; Let Clap use it; Oliver reports no prospects selling pew.

            18? Apr. 1812             Rogers, Penuel B., Boston, Mass.  To William Pelham, Newark, N.J.  1 p.

            Last quarter’s rent unpaid; hopes for settlement; urges him to come to handle library business; settlement with Parker also requires his presence.

27 Apr. 1812               Rogers, Penuel B., Boston, Mass.  To William Pelham, Newark, N.J.  3 pp.

            Callender after delay declines library as cannot obtain cash; is now reconsidering on credit basis but stated library not worth the price; poor time for sales as people’s minds on thoughts of war; thinks Parker wants library; if he does not take it suggests auction; includes statement of accounts.

            8, 9 May 1812             Rogers, Penuel B., Boston, Mass.  To William Pelham, Newark, N.J. 3 pp  

            Shipped library; freight charges; hopes he receives them himself as Peter Pelham says his friend there is a sot; enclosed a copy of invoice and bill of laden; expects to see him in Philadelphia with Mrs. Homans & her son who goes to Neef’s school; number of boxes sent agreed with number on his old shop, No. 59 Cornhill.

            2pp.  “Invoice of Books Shipped for and on Acct. & Risk of William Pelham, on board of Schooner Sally and Betsy – Seth Daggett Master, bound to Philadelphia” 60 boxes containing 5,131 books, account books, papers and catalogs.

            4 Oct. 1812                 Rogers, Penuel B., Boston, Mass.  To William Pelham, Philadelphia.  4 pp.

            Has been a Cape Cod with Mrs. R.; collected some old debts; saw [Samuel] Dexter in Cornhill who declined opinion on the house; Munrow & Francis paid note when due; McFarlane paid rent; enc. Check of James Thwing; is working on his “Mesheen”’ reports that Gen Hull is dead.

            11 Feb. 1813               Rogers, Penuel B., Boston, Mass.  To William Pelham, Philadelphia.  4 pp.

            Cannot get McFarlane to pay quarter’s rent; enc. James Thwing’s check on Bank of North America; forgot to deduct sum given his brother John; suggests complimentary letter to Samuel Dexter on Chapel affair; their religious tenets should exclude their claiming property under will.  Could trust bench but not jury; has new son.

            4 Mar. 1813                 Rogers, Penuel B., Boston, Mass.  To William Pelham, Philadelphia.  4 pp.

            Apologizes for carelessness in accounts; Eliakim Richards would give demand note for pew in Chapel; is best offer he has had; cannot locate Mrs. Goff; acknowledges congratulations on birth of son; unless he improves from his crossness should not name him W. P.

            9 Mar. 1813                 Pelham, William, Philadelphia.  To Peneul B. Rogers, Boston, Mass. 4 pp. 

            On examining account struck by balance rec’d from swindling scoundrel Jutaw; how could Judge Livermore permit it?  In future please make no commitments without permission; his own situation most uneasy; would suggest he tell Dexter & Jackson if Chapel affair is settled right will insure their handsome compensation; very busy at the library.


            28 Mar. 1813               Rogers, Penuel B., Boston, Mass.  To William Pelham, Philadelphia, Pa.  4 pp.

            Chapel suit is still hanging; Austin thinks Judge P. is against Pelham; MacFarlane will call on Pelham with own excuses for not paying rent; had to advance Brother John more than was permitted; has sold own property for fine one in Brookfield 65 miles from Boston; will move when roads are settled; Gardiner’s property now legally his, his farm rented, and with his manufactory hopes to be free of debt.

            6 Apr. 1813                 Rogers, P[enuel] B., Boston, Mass. To William Pelham, Philadelphia, Pa.  4pp.

            Just left [Samuel] Dexter; Chapel suit decided against Pelham; Col. Jos. May says Pelham may be liable for rents collected; may attach his library; expect no mercy; describes rude treatment when he was present at legal taking over of the shop, especially from young John MacFarlane & Stackpole; Dexter thinks Pelham not liable for back rents.

            3 Nov. 1813                May, Joseph, Boston, Mass.  To William Pelham, Bookseller, Philadelphia, Pa.  3 pp.

            Writes unofficial letter because of difficulty of calling large committee; is fully convinced of equity of our claim, as is Dexter; offers compromise to save Pelham from ruin by relinquishing all claim and surrendering to W. MacFarlane & paying $1,000.  Recalls that last suit was protracted 2 years.

Folders 19-20 Pelham, Peter, several places, Sept. 15, 1820 – June 19, 1821.  To William Pelham.  10 letters and 2 documents with transcripts.  Account of nephew’s military trial, acquittal and life following.

Folders 21-23 William Pelham Series Correspondence, 22 Jan. 1825 – 16,17 Mar. 1826.  27 letters in 2 folders.  One folder of excerpts of William Pelham Letters edited, with commentary by C. P. Wolfe, New Harmony Times, 1921.

            22 Jan. 1825                Owen, William, Harmonie, Indiana.  To [William Pelham] Postmaster, Zanesville, Ohio.  4 pp.

            His father sailed ten days ago with Frederick Rapp & 70 to 80 Harmonians en route to Economy near Pittsburgh; his father plans to go to Washington to forward plan for his Society; outlines his program; on his return father hopes to meet Pelham.

            1-8 Aug 1825              Pelham, William, opposite Buffington’s Island, Ohio River, Monday, 3 p.m. to [William C. Pelham] Postmaster, Zanesville, Ohio.  4 pp. with sketch of bunk.

            Describes accommodations on boat for Florence, Ala.; Buffington’s Island difficult to navigate; N. Ayer’s salt works; describes Portsmouth & Alexandria at mouth of Scioto; love to Mary and thanks for provisions for journey; happy to be free of politics; steamboat Lawrence worked by 4 horses without steam; saw his brother and sister for 1st time in 39 years; has 4 daughters and 2 sons he met; Charles & William are gone to Arkansas; Peter at his station in Fla., Mary will visit; passed Maysville; weather good, expects to arrive at Cincinnati on Aug. 9.

10-13 Aug 1825          Pelham, William, on board Post Boy, Ohio River, 32 miles below Cincinnati, noon.  To [William Creese Pelham], Postmaster, Zanesville, Ohio.  4 pp.

            Describes Cincinnati; met John Scott and James Taylor, Jr. of Zanesville who will see him; at office of Literary Gazette say Burke & Langdon; met Wm. Bosson of Cincinnati, merchant, who has brother in Harmonie of the Community who gave letter to William Owen; Bosson devoted to system; election of young William on Robert Owen’s departure; Bosson’s account of the Community.

17 Aug. 1825  Pelham, William, Ohio River, 100 miles below Louisville.  To [William Creese Pelham] Postmaster, Zanesville, Ohio.  3 pp.

            Journey from Louisville; called on Harmonie agents; complete printing apparatus waiting but could not load it; called on Dr. Galt (his son was young William’s schoolfellow at Neef’s); visit to Shippingport; prices of flour; will write from Mt. Vernon.

22 Aug. 1825  Pelham, William, Mt. Vernon, Indiana, 11 a.m. to [William Creese Pelham] Postmaster, Zanesville, Ohio.  3 pp.

            Is lodging with Postmaster Wilburn in Mt. Vernon; plans to walk to New Harmony with young carpenter and joiner of the Community; reports on mails; costs of his entire journey very satisfactory. 

25 Aug. 1825  Pelham, William, New Harmony, Ind.  To [William Creese Pelham] Postmaster, Zanesville, Ohio.  2 pp.

            Very fatigued by journey; Tyler here but got no employment will return when he does; anxious to undertake tuition of children.

4 Sept. 1825    Pelham, William, New Harmony, Ind. To William C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio.  8 pp.

            Costs of his voyage; lists mail and newspapers rec’d; latter filled with electioneering; Robert Owen expected to return; good lodgings scarce; Keightley’s zeal will soon render one of numerous log houses habitable; is friendly with Schnee, the postmaster, active member of the Committee; names members of community he has met; describes his temporary quarters; meetings at tavern rational and exciting; no ardent spirits sold except by Doctor’s certificate; describes system of trading in public store; thinks Harris could get position in store; Keightey in machine maker’s shop attached to steam factory; has been serving in counting room temporarily; wants connection with printing office; publication may be deferred till [Robert] Owen’s return; describes Sunday lectures at meeting house, including one by itinerant Baptist preacher 7 a “rambling shaking quaker” as well as learned discourses by members of the community.

7 Sept. 1825    Pelham, William, New Harmony, Ind. To William C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio.  4 pp.

            Repeats portion of letter of Sept. 4; pleased with social intercourse here; describes lodgings; Old Harmony Church painted white; clock’s striking hours and quarter hours regulates occupations & amusements of inhabitants; dances held nightly at Hall nearby with excellent band of music; Wednesday night Committee reports; Thurs. A regular concert; Rev. Mr. Hennings delivers lectures on Sundays; has inserted names of Keightley & Harris in register of applicants for admission to Society; both will find employment; has been offered steady employ as accountant at store; gives schedule of mails; lists letters rec’d and newspapers.

8 Sept. 1825    Pelham, William, New Harmony. To William C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio. 4 pp.

            Has become a Harmonite & will spend remainder of his days in this abode of peace; is at last free; eulogizes freedom of discourse prevailing; wishes he were here engaged in printing business, joining young men in band of music and dancing; his military pursuits would be gratified, too; detailed advice on applying for new post office; hopes to become librarian.

9 Sept. 1825    Pelham, William, New Harmony.  To William C. Pelham, Postmaster, Zanesville, Ohio. 11 pp.

            Associations on Owen’s principles springing up in Yellow Spring, Allegany Co., Pa., Albion, Ill. (by late Mr. Birkbeck); Keightley & Harris will have difficulties obtaining lodgings in Oct. unless they join community might have to stay at tavern, an expense of $2 per week, as it is source of revenue for Society; disgruntled talk in Mt. Vernon emanates from those refused admission to Society as idlers hoping to live on other’s industry; answers critic that talked on too little information; reports on Sunday moral lectures by Jennings & Owen, he will serve as corrector; describes first work at office filing papers; asks for books & furniture to be sent; freedom of opinion exists, many follow Baron Swedenborg; [for Sept. 15-16 see next letter] describes another Sunday series of lectures & preaching; went to Hall for dancing Tuesday; concerts held there Fridays, some object to this use of former church; expelled 3 for drunken frolic; paper scheduled for Oct. 1 publication; tell Keightley provisions in great demand anxious to find better lodgings before winter; describes funeral of female buries in apple orchard without parade or chant; tell those interested that want of accommodations is still acute.

15-16 Sept. 1825         Pelham, William, [New Harmony]. To William C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio.  4 pp.

            Gives detailed description of town; brick, frame & log houses; Father Rapp’s house; church; Hall; steam mill; public store; situation beautiful; discusses his role with N. H. Gazette; subscriptions.

29 Sept. 1825  [Pelham, William] [New Harmony].   To W[illiam] C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio.  2 pp.

            “Private & confidential” Many things in unsettled state; will be until Robert Owen’s arrival; difficulties with Jennings and William Owen over paper; will need Niles Register to use his summary of news; Schnee has asked him to assist with his account of mails.

26-29 Sept. 1825         Pelham, William, New Harmony.  To W[illiam] C. Pelham, Postmaster, Zanesville, Ohio.  4 pp.

            Society was called by committee to decide case of superintendent of Steam Mill who claimed underpayment; after getting extra store credit, tried to withdraw from Society; matter adjusted but he will no doubt spread false reports; William Owen’s evening reading; describes Wabash; cold weather and mosquitoes; work at Printing Office being done on new super-royal press called Stansbury Press; wishes he were here; asks his suggestions for exchange newspapers; pleased with his letter to Beecher.

3-7 Oct. 1825  Pelham, William, [New Harmony]. To [William C. Pelham] Postmaster, Zanesville, Ohio. 4 pp.

            Approves letters to Beecher; anxious to hear outcome with Postmaster General; annoyed by John Beath’s notions on his coming to Harmony; cares nothing for Simpson Cummings now that he is free of his daily teasing; paper out Friday; program of Sunday meeting; has changed lodgings; number of ladies at Wednesday Ball appeared in uniform dress of cheap American manufacture; 1st issue of Gazette was 500 copies, 300 distributed to subscribers and others.

10-14 Oct. 1825  Pelham, William, New Harmony. To [William c. Pelham] Postmaster, Zanesville, Ohio.  3 pp.

            Went promptly to church; heard Jennings read from Thompson’s essay on the distribution of wealth; children sang Song No. 2; will send copy; had Methodist sermon in p.m.; lists letters & papers rec’d; a note from Capt. McDonald informs that Owen may embark at Liverpool Oct. 1.

21 Oct. 1825   Pelham, William, New Harmony.  To [William C. Pelham] Postmaster, Zanesville, Ohio. 6 pp.

            Muster of local light infantry; Keightley & Harris arrived; letters & Niles Register rec’d; proud of his handling of the post office matter; his accounts; Keightley & Harris accepted in Community so can live in community houses at 57 ½ cents per week; explains economic system; inquires for missing package with books & other objects; Keightley & Harris have found lodgings which are scarce and poor; but benefits outweigh them.

25-27 Oct. 1825  [Pelham, William] [ New Harmony].  To [William C. Pelham] Zanesville, Ohio.  2 p.

            Asks son to send copies of passages in his letters to Alfred Martin on principles and practices of Community; must not be published for fear of distortion; his quarters are being remodeled by Committee for winter; suggests Vincent Bonum should come here instead of Hayti; could take one of vacant log houses; he is only colored person in Zanesville who would enjoy himself here with his family; Keightley & Harris returning to Zanesville; by them sends pamphlet still warm from N.H. press; Launder & Parker not yet arrived.

            Enc.  Clark & Green [Agents of N.H. Community] Cincinnati, Aug. 11 (?) 1825. To William Pelham, Zanesville.  Larkins of New Harmony, the bearer will meet him in Louisville to accompany him to N.H. 1 p. Father asks him to send some furniture.

28 Oct. 1825   Pelham, William, New Harmony to William C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio (McNamara Purchase 1978)


7-9 Nov. 1825 [Pelham, William] [New Harmony]. To W[illiam] C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio.  4 pp. (portion with signature missing)

            Shares his disappointment on application to Postmaster General; explains how his own post office acc’ts are kept and his pay; H[arris] staid too short a time, other reasons for their being poor reporters; urges him to come as soon as possible; young people of both sexes here thoroughly enjoy themselves; his rooms improved for the winter;  suggests he make abstracts from his letters to answer queries about N.H.

27 Nov. – 2 Dec. 1825  Pelham, William, New Harmony.  To W[illiam] C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio.  4 pp.

            Explains in detail system of economics; the 20 from Pittsburgh will have to retrace their steps as there is now house room; relation of community to [Robert] Owen; dismal story in Pittsburgh Mercury by a disgruntled Baptist preacher; recommends reading View of Harmony in Gazette; Labyrinth not destroyed but neglected; Light Infantry Co.; acc’ts of the Gazette; praises advantages of system; cites examples inc. Mr. Schnee, postmaster; two Shakers arrived from Ky. But no lodgings; Owen and son Robert Dale Owen arrived in Baltimore; military parade and ball held yesterday.

9 Dec. 1825     Pelham, William, New Harmony.  To William C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio.  3 pp.

            Sends copy of letter of Abrm. Bradley on post office matters; expressions of K[eightley] and H[arris] all “fudge”; rec’d 46 newspapers for Gazette and requests for exchange; saw Owen’s address to “Americans”; from his letter to William Owen expects he will spend 3 weeks in Washington explaining his system to Congress; needs tools here; thinks Paul and Danl. Ferson may join Society; had no reply for Niles; will he drop him that he in no longer of use to him?

27-29 Dec. 1825  [Pelham, William], N. Harmony.  To William C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio. 4 pp.

            Urges visit in spring, hopes he’ll plan to stay; suggests articles to bring or ship by water; his lodgings better, but weather severe; great assemblage of Methodists expected, less came; their complaint at refusal of use of Church false and an example of means used to discredit Harmonians; some inconvenience unavoidable; when Owen arrives boarding school will get attention by him assisted by Fiquepal, Madame Fretige [Fretageot], Neef and others on Pestalozzian plan; problem of establishing routine for preparing Sunday militia drill criticized; regular town meeting; instructions on shipping goods to Mt. Vernon; Owen sending valuable library via New Orleans; urges Mathew Crane and Vincent Bonum to come to N.H.; Wm. Blagrove sent 11 subscriptions, is very interested in Society; Jennings said he could collect 30,000 if sent as missionary abroad; Yellow Springs Assoc. has blown out; impatiently waiting Owen’s arrival; names members of community, only two older than 50.

6 Jan. 1826      Pelham, William, New Harmony.  To W[illiam] C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio. 4 pp.

            Poor schedules of mails; glad he did not get appointment to Cheraw as it is real slavery; Parmele asked about renting the brick house, referred him to William; Society not injured by disgruntled who withdraw; have more applications than accommodations; “Pumpkin Vine” is our local tavern keeper, very bitter on mercenary schemes of the clergy.

8-13 Jan. 1826 Pelham, William, [New Harmony, Ind.]. To W[illiam] C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio.  4 pp.

            Explains contradictory situation of Owen advertising for mechanics and local committee rejecting for lack of room; had supper at Dr. McNamee’s on  profusion of delicacies; all do not yet fare alike; some privations needed to test strength of our principles; replies to his fears on “Pone Bread and Musquetoes”; asks for books and maps’ furnishings needed; describes local lodgings at baker’s with sketch of room; had letter form Neef on subject of prejudice; meeting in Steeplehouse to hear Robert Owen who arrived in a.m. with Russian lady; his discourse on unity and brotherly love; his company will follow with a boat containing more learning that ever before contained in a boat.

27 Jan. & Feb.1-2  Pelham, William, New Harmony.  To [William] C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio.  4 pp.

            Discussion of new Constitution; preliminary society will become a Community of Equality; Robert Owen has been delivering lectures since his return; will send him printed copy of Constitution; eulogy of Owen; new arrivals described briefly: Wm. Maclure, Fiquepal, Le Sueur, Say, Dr. Troost (Pelham’s error.  Troost already here, per Josephine Elliott, archivist), Mad. Fretageot; has catalog of valuable French books and philosophical apparatus shipped via New Orleans.  Neef anxious to come, is already a member; hopes to be appointed librarian; after dinner must make up 300 papers to mail; frequent meetings being held in Steeplehouse on new Constitution.

8-10 Feb. 1826   Pelham, William, [New Harmony, Ind.].  To W[illaim] C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio. 4 pp.

            Constitution thoroughly examined and discussed; officers to be elected; Owen a wonderful man; they will succeed as a Village of Equality and Independence; when books, philosophical apparatus and musical instruments arrive from New Orleans (50 tons), Harmony will have best library and school in U.S.; anxious for outcome of elections; Owen proposes immediate formation of Community of Equality.

23 Feb. 1826   Pelham, William, [New Harmony, Ind.].  To W[illiam] C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio.  3 pp.

            Has enquired about steamboat charges; affairs unsettled.  Jennings had declined editorship of paper which Owen offered him; told Owen it was great responsibility; he promised help when needed; but there’s a difference between promising and performing; will communicate his suggestion of direct route to Indianapolis to Owen; business affairs; recovering from influenza.

16-17 Mar. 1826   Pelham, William, [New Harmony, Ind.] To William C. Pelham, Zanesville, Ohio.  3 pp.           

            Owen again asked him to edit the Gazette; hope of getting Dr. Buchanan of Shelbyville, Ky. To accept are(?) slight; meanwhile he is changing complexion of the paper; prospects improve daily; anxiously waiting for him to arrive; Neef expected tomorrow; asks him to remember all reports both good and bad on the community.

Folder 24        Personal Papers           1800-ca.1825

            Passport & traveling papers; bookseller & authorship rights, receipts for payment of pew, taxes; copyrights; certificates of appointment of notary public & postmaster; bookseller’s plates

Folder 25        Legal Papers    3 Feb. 1807 – 4 June 1816


Folder 26        Pelham, William          Miscellaneous Papers

            6 Nov. 1784    Extracts from Brydone’s Travels through Sicily.  Boston. 16 pp. in William Pelham’s writing.

            4 July 1820      Sermon preached by the Rev. Jas. Culbertson,  14 pp. in William Pelham’s handwriting.

During the year 1824  Editorial comments on current and national affairs; education; religion.  Possibly letters-to-the-editor, Mr. Adam Peters of the Ohio Republican.  Dates written by William Pelham.



Folder 27        Commonplace book.  24 May 1785- Oct. 1793

Remarks and observations on various subjects drawn from books and magazines.

London.  Total of 50 pages.

Folder 28        Copybook.  27 Mar. 1792-23 June 1815 Letters in French written to a French friend. May be merely an exercise book; however pp. 93-96 and 99-100 seem to be real letters written by a person studying English with Pelham.  London.  114 pp.

Folder 29        Letterbook.  5 Sept 1809-23 June 1815.  Boston, Newark (Oct. 22, 1811), Philadelphia (Aug. 19, 1812); Zanesville (Sept. 30, 1814).  255 p.  4 clippings and 2 items. 

            Retained business letters re booksellers and stationery business; attempts to sell circulating library; letters to Penuel B. Rogers (see correspondence); observations on political situation and War of 1812; letters concerning the Chapel Law suit [see correspondence].

Folder 30        Commonplace book.  7 Aug. 1814-7 July 1817. Zanesville.  786 pp.

            Contains observations on contemporary politics in both Europe and U.S. (the War of 1812, Napoleon’s return) newspapers & periodicals.  86 pp.

Folder 31        Account book.  9 Dec. 1791 – 17 Feb. 1795.  36 pp.

            Expenses incurred during Pelham’s years in London.  Two items laid in, 1719-1818

Folder 32        Account Book.  12 May 1800-12 May 1801.

            Books, prints (Mrs. Copley’s) magazines, stationer’s supplies.


            Commonplace book, Zanesville, Ohio, Oct. 1, 1821.

            “Selections from eminent writers”

            7 receipts and invoices and 1 clipping laid in.

Folder 33        Letterbook.     1815-1832.  175 pp.  51-175 blank.

            Used by William and William Creese Pelham.  Retained business letters; copies of William Creese’s letters to Henry Clay & Daniel Webster re King’s Chapel lawsuit.

Folder 34        Commonplace book.  No date.  45 pp. 38pp. blank.

            Original “Remarks on the Study of History suggested by the perusal of Bigland’s letters.”

Folder 35        Account  Book.  22 April 1818-15 Oct. 1825.  63 p.

            Account book for post office at Zanesville, OH. Forms for quarterly returns.

Folder 36-37   Pharmacopeia.  Dec. 25 1778 – June 1823.  76 pp.

            A pharmacopeia of formulas and treatments for various diseases – some copied from newspapers and periodicals.  Folder 36 is original.  Folder 37 is photocopy.

William Creese Pelham, 1802-1846

Folder 38        William Creese Pelham, 1809-1815

            School- boy items, father’s letters, arithmetic and literary exercises, communications to and from Joseph Neef, two exercise books of geometric patterns. [These were grouped together in original arrangement and so retained.]

Folder 39        William Creese Pelham Correspondence and Papers. 10 letters and 2 lists.

William Creese Pelham to William Pelham (father)

9 Sept. 1825    Pelham, W[illiam] C[reese], Zanesville, Oh.  To William Pelham, New Harmony, IN.  4 pp.

            Yellow Spring Assoc. and Co-operating Society of Pittsburgh described in accompanying papers; John Beath surprised at his interest in N.H. but asks details; Cousin Peter of Pensacola complains of knavery of N. Orleans merchants; family letters; rumor of petition circulated against W. P. on his misconducting the post office; other post offices politics; Harris seems to favor the Pittsburgh Community because of its healthiness; Keightley has also given a latter “all talk and no cyder”, enc. Letter he wrote to Gen. Beecher; Parmele very  opposed to Owen’s plan.

28 Sep. 1825   Pelham, W[illiam] C[reese], Zanesville, OH.  To William Pelham, New Harmony. 2 pp.

            Harris and Keightley request their names remain on register of applicants for N.H.; when his letter of resignation is made public hopes for office of postmaster, which with printing office and sale of Darby Creek lands will clear them of debt; suggests they claim additional compensation; if Social Library is established, send for all the books here.

5 Oct. 1825     Pellham, William Creese, Zanesville, OH.  To William Pelham, New Harmony.  9 pp.

            Concerning application for position of postmaster, Zanesville; other applicants.  Asks information about New Harmony for inquirers.  Father’s debts and business affairs.

Accompanied by copy of petition of citizens of Zanesville for his appointment as postmaster; his letter to J. McLean, Postmaster General, and the Hon. P. Beecher. 4 pp.

17-19 Oct. 1825          Pelham, W[illiam] C[reese], Zanesville, OH.  To William Pelham, New Harmony. 4 pp.

            Judge Sullivan has become postmaster; transfer of office to him.  Mr. Hill, silversmith, considering move to N.H.  Asks about keeping old letters and papers.

14 Aug. 1826  Pelham, W[illiam] C[ressee], on board steam boat Ariel.  To William Pelham, New Harmony.  2 pp.

            On return form Mt. Vernon.  Near  Lousiville.  Mr. Hall passenger sends remembrance to Mr. Stevens of the Education Society.

16 Aug. 1826  Pelham, W[illiam] C[reese], Cincinnati.  To William Pelham, New Harmony. 5 pp.

            Trip back from New Harmony.  P. J. Johnson says proposal for establishing community below Mt. Vernon by some who have left New Harmony.  Boats on river.

Comments on his dress.  Passengers.  Levi Lawrence.  Mr. Gex and Vevay.  Washburn Family.  Collision of boats Cincinnati and Phoebus.  Brother of Gen. Carroll tells stories of New Harmony.  Hears Yellow  Springs community abandoned.  Portage County community.  Cincinnati booming. Pop. 16,000.  

            Coversheet: Penci notes, marriage of Eben. Stephenson and Eliza Atkinson and list of their children, born 1826-(1836)

23 Aug. 1826  Pelham, W[illiam] C[reese], Zanesville, OH. William Pelham, New Harmony.  2 pp.

            Trip home.  Loss of valise.  Mary and child lie by grave of his mother.  Owen’s 4th of July speech.

7-13 Sept. 1826           Pelham, W[illiam] C[reese], Zanesville, OH.  To William Pelham, New Harmony.  3 pp.

            Likes Robert Dale Owen.  Problem of food and women’s work in New Harmony.  Criticizes Mr. Owen and comments on progress of community.  Family business; selling property.  Music books.  Expects to go to New Harmony in Oct.  Electioneering.

18-20 Sept. 1826         Pelham, W[illiam]  C[reese], Zanesville, OH.  To William Pelham, New Harmony.  4 pp.   

            Comments on changes at New Harmony of which his father has written; Owen’s egotism.  His own ideas on improved “community.”  Printing shop, etc., Zanesville.  Household effects and papers.

10 Jan. 1827    Pelham, W[illiam] C[reese], N[ew] H[armony]. To William Pelham care of Mr. Hinkley.  4 pp.

            Changes in society.  Schools.  Dr. Price and Gen Neville’s land for location of new community.  New Harmony affairs.

July 1825 – Oct. 13 1828        [Pelham, William Creese] Zanesville, OH. 8 pp.

            Lists of letters written and of letters received.

Folder 40        Neef’s letters to William Creese Pelham.  1 Nov. 1826-27 July 1829

1 Nov. 1826    Palmer, Thos., New Harmony.  To Wm. H. Harris & Daniel Ferson 1 p.

            Two receipts per Wm. C. Pelham for subscriptions to New Harmony Gazette for the community.

3 Oct. 1827     Neef, Louisa, Cincinnati.  To William C. Pelham, Zanesville.  4 pp.

            Loss of lottery tickets; social news; misses evenings at Old No. 2; all regard to him as one of the family.

18 Oct. 1827   Evans, Lousia [Neef], Cincinnati.  To W[illiam] C. Pelham, Zanesville, OH.  2 pp.

            Tells of her marriage; plans to go to Harmony; Oliver says Mr. [William A.] Twigg and Virginia [Dupalais] will marry; also Emily McNamee and Mr. Fisher.

20 April 1828  Macy, Jethro, sec’y and Saml. Underhill, Kendal Community, OH.  To [William Creese Pelham, Zanesville] 4 pp.

            Answers his queries on Community, is properties, form of government; schools and possible interest locally in establishing a Pestallozian school. [ copy retained by Pelham of original sent on to Neef.   See May 23, 1828 letter.]

Neef, J[oseph], Cincinnati, OH.  To William [Creese] Pelham, [Zanesville].  3 pp.

            Thanks for information on Kendal; caustic comment on “feudal Baron of N.H.”; questions financial stability of Kendalites; “out of debt, out of trouble”; would not establish school there; plans to arrange and publish materials on education gathered over 25 years; discusses free press and politics.  Campbell is challenging Owen.

1 Aug. 1828    Neef, J[oseph], Cincinnati.  To William Creese Pelham, Zanesville. 1 p.

            Mr. Peters brought letter; house too filled to offer him lodging; will be guided by Pelham’s advise on Kendal.

25 Dec. 1828   Neef, J[oseph], Stebenville.  To William [Creese] Pelham, Zanesville. 3 pp.

            Judge [Benjamin] Tappan as Canal commissioner goes to Columbus; rec’d papers; no plan can succeed encumbered by debt; heard of Pelham’s impending marriage by letter of Caroline Neef to Eliza Tappen; chides him on his electioneering blunder on Old Hickory; is teaching school; also 3 musical classes.

27 July 1829    Neef, J[oseph], Steubenville, OH.  To William [Creese] Pelham, Zanesville.  3 pp.

            Humorous comment on Pelham’s marriage; French account of ‘new method’ all flummery; Mr. Forre a countryman and probable pupil of Phiquepal [d’Arusmont]; [Alexander] Campbell’s and [Robert] Owen’s logomachy of no interest; first a hypocrite other a bedlamite; Symmes; book will not sell; Louisa Evans has a daughter and asks for Zulima to come to Harmony. Z.. entirely recovered despite Dr. Price’s prediction; asks his attentions for her on journey.

Folder 41        William Creese and Victoria Collombine Pelham Correspondence.  4 Aug. 1827 – 5 March 1834.  Fifteen letters to and from each other; to and from relatives.  New Harmony, Zanesville, Kentucky, etc. Part of McNamara Purchase.

Folder 42-42a Pelham, William Creese.  5 Mar. 1834-22 April 1834.  Correspondence; letters to wife Colombine.  13 p. typed.  10 original letters.

            Letters written to his wife Collombine in New Harmony while on a business trip to former home in Zanesvielle, OH.  Neef, David Dale, Richard Owen and Thomas Say are mentioned.  Copies made by Caroline Creese Pelham, his granddaughter in June 1917.

Folder 43        William Creese Pelham.  Correspondence with wife Victoria Collombine.  27 Mar. 1836 – 1 May 1836

27 Mar. 1836   [Pelham, William Creese], Louisville.   To Collombine [Pelham], New Harmony.  4 pp.

30 Mar. 1836   Pelham, W[illiam] C[reese], Palmyra, 8 miles south of Lebanon, OH.  To Collombine [Pelham], New Harmony. 2 pp.

            Difficulties of journey by stage; visited Neefs in Louisville; family finances.

3 April 1836    [Pelham, William Creese], Zanesville, OH.  To Collombine [Pelham].  Louis Gex, Postmaster, New Harmony.  4 pp.

Acc’t of trip; bought clarinet; mention of Robert Fauntleroy, Richard Owen, Mary Bolton; Zanesville improvements; the National Road; value of his lot there; steamboats doing thriving business; financial transactions.

10 April 1836  Pelham, W[illiam] C[reese], Zanesville, OH.  To Collombine, Louis Gex, Postmaster, New Harmony.  4 pp.

            Details of journey; regrets ploughs not sold; arranged partnership with Martin; goes to Baltimore – Martin to Pittsburgh for heavy goods and purchases from Rapp; Difficulties of getting goods.

17 April 1836  Pelham, W[illiam] C[reese], Baltimore.  To Collombine. Louis Gex, Postmaster, New Harmony. 4 pp.  3 pp. typed.

            Details of journey to Wheeling; Frederick stopping at Hussey’s, who is Isaac Dillon’s father-in-law; is shopping for goods; may go to Washington; “I have loved thee.” [V.C.P?]

25 April 1836  Pelham, W[illiam] C[reese], Baltimore.  To Collombine, Louis Gex, Postmaster, New Harmony.

            Leaves for Pittsburgh; goods packed; went to top of Washington monument with Shryer; went to Washington on railroad; his Aunt Blagrove died 3 years ago; Mary Ann Married to McKeldin a baker who supplies bread to President; cousin Henry Blagrove gave present for Louis; Mary Ann has one son, Charles; has play “Paul Pry” for Thespians.

1 May 1836     Pelham, W[illiam] C[reese], Zanesville, OH.  To Collombine, Louis Gex, Postmaster, New Harmony.  4 pp. 3 typed.

            Describes forest fires in Allegany Mts.; W. Cox’s paper mill destroyed; no drum for Louis he makes noise enough without one; cannot lend her father, Louis Gex, money; difficulties of partnership with him; Martin having problems getting boat through; will need money for freight from her father to Mt. Vernon and Harmony from Pittsburgh and Baltimore

Folder 44        William Creese and Victoria Collombine Pelham.  Correspondence.  12 May 1834 – 27 March 1848.

            To and from each other; letters from relatives and friends; business letters.

Folder 45        William Creese Pelham.  Legal Papers.  27 Mar. 1824 – 8 Dec. 1848.

            Land grants; legal records; deeds to property in New Hampshire; Ohio; Indiana; DS by Andrew Jackson [?]; printed DS by Martin Van Buren; will of father-in-law Louis Gex.

Folder 46-48   William Creese Pelham.  Miscellaneous Correspondence & Papers.

            Business and personal items; inventory of Louis Gex estate; schedule of the furniture [sic] of W. C. Pelham; account of presidential inaugural at Ohio University, n.d.

Also (folder 47) account of the sale of William Creese  and Victoria Collombine Pelham’s personal property. (Xeroxes)

16 Oct. 1837   Greenwood, Miles, Cincinnati.  To [William Creese Pelham], New Harmony.  2 pp.

            Financial transactions; stoves to tinner at Princeton, IN; prices delivered; William Owen’s bell is ready

26 Feb-4 Mar. 1838    Society for the Promotion of Social Amusement, New Harmony.   (Folder 48)

            Minutes of public meetings held for “making arrangements for the continuance & regulation of the public amusements of the town …”  Committees appointed; report  of Mrs. William [Creese] Pelham on subscription to pub ballroom in order; plans for establishing a reading room.

1 Mar. 1839     Society of the Promotion of Social Amusement, New Harmony.

            William C. Pelham, sec’y signed by Thomas Brown, chairman.  Detailed report and recommendations of committee and a proposed constitution for continuance and regulation of public amusements in the town.  Detailed suggestions for establishment of a reading room by subscription.  End. “Public Amusements.”

13, 14 Feb. 1843         Maclure A[lexander], New Harmony.  To Wm. C. Pelham, Present

2 pp.

            Regrets cannot comply with his request; brother’s estate is unavailable property; wishes he could be useful in other way, as he considers Pelham on of the most efficient and useful men in the community. (At the time this finding aid was digitized, this letter was missing from the collection.)



Folder 49        Journal, Zanesville, OH.  22 April 1818 – 25 Feb. 1826.  22 pp.

            Brief daily entries: fathers description of departure for New Harmony

                        Diary (loose sheets) New Harmony, IN, etc. 18 Aug. 1833 – 11 April 1834.  Two folded sheets.

            Brief daily entries; weather; Judge Wattle’s burial; business entries

Folder 50        Letter book. New Harmony.  22 June 1836 – 27 Nov. 1846.  111 p.

            Copies of business letters; series of letters concerning Dr. William Pelham’s military service in the Revolution addressed to Robert Dale Owen, House of Representatives, Washington; last entry is dated Nov. 27, 1846, the day of his death.  Letter written Sept. 23, 1847 by Collombine relating her husband’s death by apoplexy.

            Enclosures:  Maryland State Lottery tickets with accompanying correspondence; 6 miscellaneous items.




Folder 51        Account book. Zanesville and New Harmony.  14 April 1843 – 31 Mar. 1843 61 pp. then blanks and 10 pp.

            Business affairs: “Expenses of Furniture”, 1833-1835.  Six enclosures, including poem “To W.C.P.” by his wife after his death.

                        Account book.  New Harmony. 7 March 1835 – 22 Dec. 1835.  28 p.

Folder 52        Account book.  Estate of William Creese and Victoria Collombine Pelham. 31 Aug. 1851 – 6 Oct. 1873.New Harmony.  214 p.

            John Cooper, guardian.  Business affairs of young Pelham children after deaths of father (1846) and mother (1850) looked after by their guardian John Cooper; then Louis Pelham and William Creese Pelham as they become of age, attending to business accounts of other family members.



Folder 53        Songbook.  Zanesville, OH.  15 July 1816-4 July 1817.  50 pp., then blanks.  A collection of patriotic songs

                        Music Book.  Zanesville, OH.  20 July 1821-31 May 1829.  140 pp.  Various pieces of music, including some with words, airs, marches, waltzes, minuets, many written by well-known composers.

Folder 54        Journal.  New Harmony.  12 June 1842-4 Mar. 1846.  Experiments in neurology and mesmerism.  Detailed records of effects of mesmerism on various subjects, among them well-known people of the community.  Also Victoria Collombine Pelham letter book, New Harmony, 29 Dec. 1847-12 July 1851.

Folder 55        Shorthand System

Stenography.  Zanesville, OH.  1816, 1817, 1824.  “Mr. Gurney’s System; taught by W. Thompson in one week, commencing Monday June 21st 1824”  93 p. 1-18 stenography, 19-63 blank, 64-93 arithmetic.  Lessons and exercises.  In same journal is “Practical Arithmetic to which is annexed A Short Plan of Book Keeping by WM Kinne, A.M., Attempted by John Beath, Zanesville, OH.  Sept. 15, 1816”

Rudiments and exposition of a concise and methodic system of short hand writing.  n.p, n.d 12 pp.

Shorthand system.  n.p., n.d.  70 p.

Exercise, poetry, croakers.  1 p.  Clipping of political verse with shorthand transcription.




Folder 56        Correspondence, Nov. 1846-1850


LOUIS PELHAM, 1838-1912


Folder 57        Pelham, Louis.  Correspondence and papers.  New Harmony.  18 June 1859-16 Aug. 1912.

Three Civil War items:  Certificate of Substitution.  Roster of Posey County soldiers, clipping of Sen. John Breckenridge’s speech.  Wedding invitations and announcements, calling cards, etc.

Folder 58        Pelham, Louis.  Correspondence.  1864-1901.  Civil War papers.

Folder 59        Cox, E[dward] T[ravers], Archer Florida, 27 Aug. 1894.  To Louis Pelham, New Harmony.  1 p., 20 pp.

A letter with manuscript concerning “Buried treasure in the Cut-Off Hills”; intended for publication in the local newspaper.

Diaries, Journals, etc.

Folder 60        Commonplace book.  Maysville, Ky.  23 April 1857-1 May 1858.  Also “Scraps and Good Thoughts” composition book.  Poetry and prose passages, etc.  Copies by L.P.  Sheets and clippings laid in.

Folder 61        Five diaries, Maysville, Kentucky and New Harmony

  1. 1859        370 pp.
  2. 1860        367 pp.  Mention of David Dale Owen’s death
  3. 1861        360 pp.
  4. 1862        367 pp.  “Col. Owen (Richard) came home today.”
  5. 1863        349 pp.  Courtship and marriage to Mary E. Chadwick, Oct. 26, 1864

Folder 62        Copybook of speeches, Maysville, Ky. And New Harmony.  11 June 1858 – 4 July 1859.  41 pp., last 12 blank.

“Man is a progressive being” presented at Maysville Seminary, June 11, 1858.  Two others, one probably July 4, 1859, for the Adelphi Union, New Harmony

                        Memorandum book. [New Harmony].  15 March 1896-8 Dec. 1904.  Includes marriages performed.  4 enclosures.

Business Accounts and Papers


Item 63           Letterbook.  Lafayette and New Harmony.  24 June 1873-22 May 1879.  1003 pp.  Copies of business letters.

Item 64           Copy book for insurance business, New Harmony.  9 April 1875-July 1885.  191 pp., then 306 blank.  Drawings and information on various properties owned locally.

Item 65           Letter book, New Harmony, Indiana.  6 Feb. 1879-24 June 1908.  181 p.

Folder 66-67  Business Accounts

            Miscellaneous sheets in no order.  Insurance records.

Miscellaneous Journals, etc.


Folder 68        Poll book for Harmony Precinct, Harmony Township, Posey County.  Nov. 2, 1880. 

Folder 69        Miscellaneous items, [New Harmony, Ind.], 1871-1878?  4 printed pamphlets. 

            Included are: Constitution and by-laws of the Posey County Agricultural Society, 1872; Cod of ethics of the American Medical Association, 1873; patents issued to Alexander Graham Bell for the telephone, 1876-1878[?]; Humorous and sentimental songs as sung throughout the United States, n.d.

Folder 70        Charles Chadwick Civil War Correspondence

            Civil War letters.  30 May-20 Dec. 1863.  Thirty letters written to Charles in the Union Army from his sister, Mary E. Chadwick Pelham, friends at home in New Harmony and friends in Union Army camps.

WILBUR PELHAM, 1888-1957

Folder 71        Correspondence and Papers.  20 Mar 1916-10 Dec. 1936



Folder 72        Correspondence

Peter Pelham II, rowe’s Wharf, 20 Aug. 1786.  To sister Miss Sarah Creese, No. 59 Cornhill [note indicates sister-in-law].

Peter Pelham III, Williamsburgh, N.C., 13 Dec. 1813.  To father, Maj. Charles Pelham I, Maysville, Ky.

Atkinson Pelham (1797-  ), Person County, N.C., 22 Feb, 1822.  To mother and father, Major Charles and Isabella Atkinson Pelham, Maysville, Ky.

William Pelham (1803-  ), Batesville, Arkansas, 21 Dec. 1829.  To sister Ann Creese Pelham, (1808-   ), Maysville, Ky.

William Pelham (1803-  ), Batesville, Arkansas, 8 June 1830.  To sister Ann Creese Pelham, (1808-   ), Maysville, Ky.

Victoria Collombine Pelham (1812-1850), New Harmony, 7 Feb. 1847.  To cousin-in-law, John Pelham (1805   ), Maysville, Ky.

William Pelham, Little Rock, Arkansas, 20 Nov. 1847.  To sister, Ann Creese Pelham, Maysville, Ky.

Henry Pelham, Prison 2. Camp Chase, Ohio, 18 March 1864.  to cousin, Mrs. Ann Creese Pelham Miller, Millersburg, Ky.

Henry Pelham, Fort Delaware, Delaware, 19 April 1865.  To brother, W. C. Pelham, Maysville, Ky.


Folder 73        Capt. John Pelham, 1838-1863.  Civil War photograph and poem published concerning his death in that war.


Folder 74        Owen, Richard

            Sketch of the work accomplished by the natural and physical sciences in Indiana.  New Harmony, Ind., Oct. 8, 1885.  14 pp.    Original filed under Richard Owen in Branigin archives.  This is a photocopy in the hand of Louis Pelham according to his son Wilbur in 1936.

Folder 75        Taylor, George C.

            A Hoosier paradise.  New Harmony, Indiana.  Oct. 31, 1893.  History and description of Posey County read before the New Harmony Literary Society.  28 pp.

Folder 76        Schnee, David M.

            Accounts of his seeing Gen. Lafayette (1825) and Pres.-elect Andrew Jackson (1829) as a young child.  New Harmony, IN.  n.d. 3 pp.

Folder 77        New Harmony Times.  24 Nov. 1905-9 Feb. 1906.  Copies of William Pelham’s letters to son William Cresse, 22 Jan. 1825-16, 17 Mar. 1826

Folder 78        Images

Anne Creese Pelham (mother of William), paper silhouette

Victoria Collombine Gex Pelham, paper silhouette

Wilbur Pelham, photograph, 1911     

Pelham home in New Harmony, glass negative

Folder 79        Original guide to collection. 

            The Pelham Collection was cataloged to some degree prior to the WMI receiving it.  Following the original collection, items from the Pelham-McNamara Purchase and the Lawrence James Pelham Gift were added.  Each has its own catalog.  At some point the three collections were merged into one by Mrs. Josephine Elliott.  Sometimes items are noted as being from one of the two later collections.  Sometimes there is no such notation.

Item 80           Barometric readings    Oversized Collection Drawer 5

            New Harmony, IN, 1852-1883.  Accompanied by corrections and explanations of discrepancies in readings.  Probably the work of John Chappellsmith who kept weather records for the Smithsonian Institution, 1852-1882.

            At the time the finding aid was digitized two items were not present in the collection.  They are as follows:

Contemporary journal: “Chappellites v. Pelhamites” – Genesis – 1.  Boston, April 21, 1809 – April 29, 1811.  Also to 1830.  7 pp. typed cc.  Background in the form of journal entries by William, and letters to William Creese regarding the legal battle over family property in Boston.  This items was with the original collection.

            The second item shows up only in the Pelham-McNamara finding aid and is missing.

            George Washington, Mt. Vernon, 29 Oct. 1785.  To Patrick Henry, Governor. 2 pp.  Copy by Washington’s secretary; signature probably original; two letters of analysis and appraisal, 1908 and 1976.

Item 80  Wilbur Pelham Collection of Glass Slides

            New Harmony people and events.  Mainly 1907-1920.  Photographs by W. F. Lichtenberger and William Pelham.  Some, but not all, of the photographs are in our historic picture collection.

Item 81  Victoria C. Pelham.  Book

            First pages are Garden Memorandum 1843-1849.  Final page of this section says: Died 20th January 1850 at Mobile, AL and buried there on the 21st.

Following pages are inventory of estate of Victoria Pelham by administrator Gellert Schnee.  (This item was not with the collection, but added in 2009.)

Item 82           Barometric readings    (Oversized Collection Drawer 5)

            New Harmony, IN, 1852-1883.  Accompanied by corrections and explanations of discrepancies in readings.  Probably the work of John Chappellsmith who kept weather records for the Smithsonian Institution, 1852-1882.

Item 83           Various newspapers from the New England and Ohio areas.  1716-1818.  Stored with oversized material.