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Rental Policy for the Maclure Room for the Dissemination of Useful Knowledge

Rental Policy
Maclure Room for the Dissemination of Useful Knowledge

Room Features
· Perfect space for your meeting or event.
· Can comfortably accommodate groups of up to 50.
· Audio Visual system
· Kitchenette for refreshment preparation.

· For-Profit Organizations and out-of-county Individuals $50 per hour
· Non-Profit Organizations $25 per hour
· Posey County Non-Profits Free
· Town and Township Residents Free
· Set-Up Fee (If Required) $25

Terms of Use

WMI Staff
· A designated representative of the WMI is required to be on-site during the event.

· Rental agreements will be for the use of the Maclure Room. Other areas of the WMI (Museum galleries, library) are not included.
· All events by outside parties are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis. Events will not be scheduled in a manner that will conflict with other, previously scheduled events or programs.
· Events will conclude by 11:00pm.

· Exits and aisles will be kept clear at all times.
· Smoking, candles, and open flames are prohibited.

· The WMI can provide a limited number of tables and chairs for the event. If more are needed, the lessee is responsible for their acquisition.
· Objects will not be dragged across the floor for fear of damaging the wooding flooring and carpets.
· Exhibits, displays, and art will not be moved or altered.
· Renter/caterer will be responsible for removing supplies, materials, trash, etc. immediately following the event.

Caterer/Alcohol Policy
· Renter will have access to the staff kitchenette for the preparation of meals or refreshments.
· With the exception of the microwave oven, no cooking is permitted on site.
· Alcohol may be served at a private event by a Licensed Alcoholic Beverage Caterer and Bartender. A copy of the license must be available during the event.
· “Carry In” and “Carry Out” is not permitted in Indiana.

Audio/Visual Equipment
· Lessee may have use of the WMI’s A/V system (screen, projector, microphone, etc.) under the supervision of the WMI’s representative.

Additional Rules
· Decorations must be approved by the WMI
· All Federal, State, and Local laws and ordinances will be observed during the event.
· All animals inside the building must be service animals.
· Questions or concerns during the event should be referred to WMI staff or representative.
· Special Conditions will be made in writing subject to the approval of the WMI.
· The WMI has the final decision in matters regarding the use of the Room, furnishings, and equipment.

Rental Agreement

By signing below, you and your party are agreeing to accept this Rental Agreement.

Please retain a copy of these policies and return the signed Agreement with your check, made payable to the Working Men’s Institute.

Event Date – Starting Time: __ Ending Time: _________

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Renter Date
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WMI Date

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