November 3, 2008
November 3, 2008

New Harmony Series V – Personal Papers


        New Harmony V is made up of bound personal papers.  They range in time from 1795 to the early 1900s.  They vary in type including notebooks, diaries, account books, scrapbooks, weather records and manuscripts.  These books are collected in this series because they are not part of a larger collection.

            Also included in Series V is the Caroline Dale Park Snedeker Collection.  It is placed here mainly due to the fact that a good portion of the collection is made up of the manuscripts of Snedeker’s popular children’s books.

Also included in this collection are two folders of autographs of famous people, mostly authors.  As the autographs are usually attached to letters that have no place in the New Harmony Correspondence or any other collections, they are placed with Series V.


V.v.1               1795                            Samuel Dransfield,1782-1845. School notebook.  20 cm.  161 p.


V.v.2               1877-1885                   Frank D. Bolton, Attorney.  Account book of estates.  20 cm.  Unpaged.


V.v.3               1819                            [John Beal ?].  Account of trip in England and to America.  20 cm.  Unpaged.


V.v.4               1861 and 1864-65       William Baldwin.  Civil War diary, 1861.  Manufacturing account, 1864-5.  Includes various children’s drawings.


V.v.5               1824-1833                   Joseph Fauntleroy.  Letter book.  30 cm.  77 p.


V.v.6               1824-1833                   Joseph Fauntleroy.  Letter book.  Transcription.

V.v.6.5            1871-1872                 George Wheatcroft Journal and notes

 V.v.7               1895                            Francis D. Bolton. Autobiography.  20 cm.  Paging varies.  Includes two typed transcriptions.


V.v8                1863-1865                   John Cooper.  Records of rents and expenditures of Robert Henry Fauntleroy, 1863-1865.  18 cm.  20 p.


V.v.9               1881-1882                   Edward Murphy.  Travel journal.  24 cm.  [5-73 p.]

1902                                                        Duclos, Victor.  Recollections.  24 cm.  [74-97]


V.v.10             1855-1857                   Edward Murphy.  Weather records.  25 cm.  Unpaged.        


V.v.11             1874                            Dr. Lewis Wilson Highman.  Account book. 29 cm.  113 p.


V.v.12             1835-1838                   William Michaux.  List of notes due, 27 April 1835 – 22 July 1838.  30 cm.  [5] p.


V.v.13             1928-1940                   Mrs. Samuel H. Hill (Fanny Mumford Hill) and Louise P. Hill.  Robert Owen Memorial Museum scrapbook.  34 cm.  No pagination.


V.v.14             1867                            Dr. Edward Murphy. Travel journal.  22 cm.  146 p.


V.v.15             1912-1917                   Morris Birkbeck Pote.  Street sprinkling accounts and feeding bills.  30 cm.  382 p.


V.v.16             1877                            Thomas N. Pritchard.  Inventory and sale of personal estate.  30 cm.  Unpaged.


V.v.17             1964-1890                   Dr. Edward Murphy.  Day book.  38×16 cm.  263 p.


V.v.18             1925-1934                   Mary Truscott.  Egg diary.  Includes observations on weather, lists of deaths and important events.  28 cm.  88 p.



V.v.19             ca.1802-1825              William Maclure.  Diaries and notes.  20 volumes contained in three boxes.  Volumes 1-12 are in box 1 (v.19).  


V.v.20             ca.1802-1825              William Maclure.  Diaries and notes.  20 volumes contained in three boxes.  Volumes 1-12 are in box 1 (v.19).  Volumes 13-20 are in box 2 (v.20).  


V.v.22             ca.1880                        E. S. Thrall.  Library index.  28 cm.  Unpaged.


V.v.23             1861-1862                   Charles W. Truscott.  Civil War diary.  17 cm.  Unpaged. 

 V.v.29             ca. 1860 – 1920           Autographs. 1 box.

            Included are: John A. Logan with a Civil War Confederate clipping and an 1864 Union ticket (presidential), Theodore Dreiser, George Ade, Elbert Hubbard, Charles Dickens, Lew Wallace, William Jennings Bryan, Ida M. Tarbell, David Warfield, James Whitcomb Riley, Joaquin Miller, George Lockwood, George Rowse, Lorado Taft, Daniel Chester French.

V.v.30           ca.1923                        Esther Fay Shover. Notes and drafts of a thesis on New Harmony. 1 box. Includes correspondence, notes and drafts. Subjects include: Scientists and teachers of New Harmony, Rappite, Owenite and present communities.

V.v.31             1837-1914                   Author unknown. Account book written in German. Third page contains data on unknown German family. 29 cm. Unpaged.

Caroline Dale Park Snedeker Collection (v. 32-36)


            Caroline Dale Parke Snedeker, a descendant of Robert Owen, achieved a considerable literary success as a writer of young people’s books, many of them with New Harmony backgrounds.  In 1935 she gave several of her manuscripts to the Working Men’s Institute.  Her niece, Mrs. Caroline Baldwin Allen presented others twice, in 1967 and 1976.  In 2003 the children of Mrs. Allen presented two more manuscripts.  These approximately 27 literary manuscripts, many of them autobiographical and unpublished have been assembled, listed, and stored. 


V.v.32              Guide to the Collection

                        Miscellaneous autobiographical pieces

(Box 1)           Archdeacon Grautty becomes a bishop


                       Brave queen of Greece          

                       The inconvenient gift

                       The community tree (poem)

                       The first Helen Hay

                       The first rose

                       How “Silent night” came to New Harmony

                       Joseph Neef, my Alsatian great-grandfather


                       New Harmony pageant

                       Short Stories


V.v.33             Seth Way

(Box 2)          Orlando (not by Snedeker)

                       Trilobite Door (Horn Book)

                       Various Horn Book editions with articles by Snedeker


Personal Papers

 V.v.34           The beckoning road

(Box 3)                    




 V.v.35            Downright Dency

(Box 4)

 V.v.36             Uncharted ways

(Box 5)


V.v. 37            ca.1960’s                     Snively and Furbee.  Manuscript of Satan’s Ferrymen.  1 box.

 V.v.38            ca.1850’s                     Julian Dale Owen.  4 school notebooks. 15×20 cm.  Unpaged.  Mostly math and in German, these were done when he was a student in Stuttgart, Germany.