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March 1, 2001
November 3, 2008

New Harmony Series II – Filed Records of the New Harmony Community.



Folder 1           Athenian Literary Society       Minutes


Folder 2           Board of Underwriters, New Harmony          Tariff of Rates, 23 Sept. 1872


Folder 3           Civil War                                                         Volunteers from New Harmony in 15th Indiana, 1861


Folder 4           Fourth of July, 1864                                       Toasts


Folder 5           Indiana School of Practical Science               Prospectus, ca. 1858 Organized by David Dale Owen and Richard Owen.


Folder 6           Maclurian [Maclurean] Association [Institute, or Library]     Organizational papers and receipts ca. 1856

                        Organized in accordance with provisions made in the will of William Maclure, this organization was in form similar to the WMI but separate.


Folder 7           Methodist Episcopal Church                          Miscellaneous financial papers, 1868


Folder 8           New Harmony Advertiser                              Letters to the editor, 1858-1861


Folder 9           New Harmony Community                            Scratch paper taken from Community record books, 1825-1827.


Folder  10        New Harmony Fire Engine and Hook and Ladder Company           

Miscellaneous papers, 1866-1873


Folder 11         New Harmony Manual Labor College            Prospectus, 1835


Folder 12         Posey County Agricultural Society                Rules, Diploma dated 1836


Folder 13         Posey County Medical Society                       Resolutions on the occasion

                        of the death L. W. Highman, 1879 and John Robson, 1875.


Folder 14         Railroad meeting, 1868


Folder 15         Seminary for Young Ladies                            Jane Dale Owen Fauntleroy, 1844 Advertisement


Folder 16         Unidentified organization                               Minutes


Folder 17         Wabash Manual Labor College                       Draft of charter for proposed institution, ca.1830s


Folder 18         Liberal Union                                                  List of stockholders.  William Maclure is on the list.  However, this is not a New Harmony organization.  Perhaps it is from Philadelphia.


Folder 19         Academy of Natural Science of Philadelphia List of books selected from William Maclure’s personal library in New Harmony and sent to the academy.  Selection and list made by Dr. Pickering.        


Folder 20         Jaycees.  New Harmony.  October, 1970.  Community Survey Questionaires.  Tally sheets included.


Folder 21         Invitation to May Day Ball.  Issued by Managers of Union Hall Ball Room. For 1 May 1861.