Schwartz-Manning Collection
August 11, 2012

Maclure Room Rental Policy

Room Features
· Perfect space for your meeting or event.
· Can comfortably accommodate groups of up to 50.
· Audio Visual system
· Kitchenette for refreshment preparation.

· For-Profit Organizations and out-of-county Individuals $50 per hour
· Non-Profit Organizations $25 per hour
· Posey County Non-Profits Free
· Town and Township Residents Free
· Set-Up Fee (If Required) $25

Terms of Use

WMI Staff
· A designated representative of the WMI is required to be on-site during the event.

· Rental agreements will be for the use of the Maclure Room. Other areas of the WMI (Museum galleries, library) are not included.
· All events by outside parties are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis. Events will not be scheduled in a manner that will conflict with other, previously scheduled events or programs.
· Events will conclude by 11:00pm.

· Exits and aisles will be kept clear at all times.
· Smoking, candles, and open flames are prohibited.

· The WMI can provide a limited number of tables and chairs for the event. If more are needed, the lessee is responsible for their acquisition.
· Objects will not be dragged across the floor for fear of damaging the wooding flooring and carpets.
· Exhibits, displays, and art will not be moved or altered.
· Renter/caterer will be responsible for removing supplies, materials, trash, etc. immediately following the event.

Caterer/Alcohol Policy
· Renter will have access to the staff kitchenette for the preparation of meals or refreshments.
· With the exception of the microwave oven, no cooking is permitted on site.
· Alcohol may be served at a private event by a Licensed Alcoholic Beverage Caterer and Bartender. A copy of the license must be available during the event.
· “Carry In” and “Carry Out” is not permitted in Indiana.

Audio/Visual Equipment
· Lessee may have use of the WMI’s A/V system (screen, projector, microphone, etc.) under the supervision of the WMI’s representative.

Additional Rules
· Decorations must be approved by the WMI
· All Federal, State, and Local laws and ordinances will be observed during the event.
· All animals inside the building must be service animals.
· Questions or concerns during the event should be referred to WMI staff or representative.
· Special Conditions will be made in writing subject to the approval of the WMI.
· The WMI has the final decision in matters regarding the use of the Room, furnishings, and equipment.

You will need to sign a Rental Agreement.