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March 12, 2009
March 22, 2009

New Harmony Series IV – Personal Papers


The first portion of the collection is made up of personal papers from various New Harmony residents.  The are arranged alphabetically according to the last name of the person to which they belong.  The remaining portion is divided into three sections.  IV.F is made up of the personal papers of Madam Marie Duclos Fretageot.  IV.M is made up of the personal papers of the Maclure family. Included in the Maclure papers are the original manuscripts of essays later published as Maclure’s Opinions on Various Subjects.  IV.O is made up of the personal papers of the Owen family


Folder 1                      James Penn Bennett


16 June 1863               Oath of allegiance


28 Sept. 1863              Oath of allegiance


21 June 1901               Certificate of enlistment, service and death.    .


18 Aug. 1864              Commission as captain.


Folder 2                      William P. Bennett


3 Feb. 1830                 Passport issued by Mexican government.


Folder 3                      Thomas Brown


31 July 1837                Commission as Justice of the Peace


Folder 4                      John Chappellsmith


Undated                      Writings concerning Dr. Owen’s views on slavery


Folder 5                      Joseph Fauntleroy


1 Feb. 1830                 Permission to vend foreign merchandise


9 May 1832                 Permission to vend foreign merchandise


10 June 1829               Bill of lading


10 June 1829               Letter to accompany the bill of lading.


Folder 6                      Morgan Hancock


20 Oct. 1836               Appointment as sergeant


Folder 7                      Charles Alexandre Lesueur


3 Aug. 1827                Bill of lading


1 April 1822                Bill of lading


Undated                      Bill of lading


Folder 8                      Joseph C. Muller/Miller


18 Sept. 1808              Baptismal record


1830                            [Marriage certificate?]


1831                            [German document]


Undated                      [German document]   


Undated                      [German document listing 10 items or points]


Undated                      [German document]


Undated                      [German document]


Sept. 1843                   Application to become an American citizen


Undated                      Small notebook in German


Undated                      German calendar with notes


27 Dec. 1819               Passport issued in Germany.  First entry Dec. 27, 1819


29 Aug. 1838              Baptismal record of Hermann A. Miller


Folder 9                      Sophia Murphy


16 June 1872               Poem


Folder 10                    Joseph Neef


20 April 1854              Copy of will


12 July 1937                Letter from Lloyd Dixon who made the copy of the will to Louise Husband, librarian


20 March 1806            Copy of traveling papers for Neef and family to the United States from the Commercial Agency of the United States, District of Paris.


Folder 11                    Nelson G. Nettelton


Undated                      Articles of corporation between Nettelton and James McFadin


14 Oct. 1831               Articles of agreement between Nettelton and James [Lorry]


16 July 1838                List of lands in 1837


8 Nov. 1838                Sales agreement between Nettleton and McFadin


9 Oct. 1840                 Invoice of notes


21 Aug. 1843              Indenture presented in court by Posey County sheriff in Nettelton vs. Stewart


19 June 1844               Letter to Nettelton from [Lorry]


Undated                      Notebook with business entries


Undated                      Promissory note from Stewart


Undated                      Proposition for [Lorry] and Nettleton for sale of stock


Folder 12                    Robert Owen


3 Jan. 1825                  Memorandum of agreement with Frederick Rapp for purchase of Harmonie


Folder 13                    Frederick Rapp


12 Aug. 1830              Receipt for cotton


Folder 14                    Rawlings, Moses M.


5 Dec. 1833                 Commission as major general


Folder 15                    Thomas Say


1832                            Receipt for rent collected for William Maclure


29 Jan. 1834                Note to pay John Pitcher  charging it to William Maclure’s account


21 Oct. 1846               Bill for monument for Say’s grave


19 Nov. 1832              Say’s statement in the suit of Maclure vs. Duclos


Folder 16                    David Schnee


Undated                      Drawing of the labyrinth


Folder 17                    John Schnee


3 Aug. 1811                Commission as captain


Folder 18                    Taylor, Fauntleroy & Co.


18 June 1829               Notice of dissolution


Folder 19                    William A. Twigg


ca. 1830s-1840s          Receipts for items bought including silver teaspoons, a Bible and a vacation  trip to Niagara Falls.


7 July 1877                  Letter of administration appointing Louis Pelham to handle estate of William Twigg deceased.


Folder 20                    John L. Tyler


Undated                      Letter to John Chapman, editor


Folder 21                    Josiah Warren


20 Feb. 1821               Letter for patent for lamp for burning grease


20 Feb. 1821               Receipt for payment for patent


Folder 22                    Josiah Warren


26 Aug. 1850              Certification of letter for patent for stereotype plates


[1846]                          Letter for patent


25 April 1846              Patent for stereotype plates


Undated                      Image of plates



Folder 23                    George W. L. White 


24 July 1837                Business letter


Undated                      Business agreement with William Hamilton


3 March 1838              Business agreement with Joseph Stewart


Folder 24                    Col. Isaac White


3 June 1832                 Poem “Frontier Call” written in Logensport.  It is a call to war            against Black Hawk.           


Folder 25                    William F. Workman


24 April 1880              Marriage license


Folder 26                    Frances Wright


31 May 1830               Will leaving all of her property to Robert Dale Owen.


27 June 1830               Will leaving all of her property to Robert Dale Owen


7 March 1831              Will making Robert Dale Owen and Phiquepal Darusmont joint



Folder 27                    Unidentified writers


Undated                      Old Times in New Harmony found in diary of Victor Duclos.


Undated                      Education No. 8 by M.W.S.


New Harmony Series IV.F – Personal Papers of Marie Duclos Fretageot


Folder 1


Undated                      Essay in French


Folder 2


1821 – 1832                Inventories and invoiced of books, engravings, scientific

                                    equipment, etc.  English and French




Folder 3


1821-1824                                      Legal documents.  Mostly French


Folder 4


Undated                      List of Madam Fretageot’s pupils in Philadelphia written in

                                    William Maclure’s hand.


Folder 5


1821-1833                                      Receipts and accounts.  English and French


New Harmony Series IV.M – Maclure Family Papers


Alexander Maclure


Folder 1


Dates vary                   Accounts


Folder 2


Dates vary                   Legal documents


Folder 3


Dates vary                   Miscellaneous business and legal papers


Folder 4                     


9 Sept. 1796                Naturalization certificate


Folder 5                     


Dated vary                  Receipts


Folder 6         


Dates vary                   Receipts


Folder 7                     


Dates vary                   Receipts

Folder 8


22 June 1850               Sale of personal property


Folder 9


25 Feb. 1850               Will


Undated                      Maclure’s notes on his will


Dates vary                   Estate papers including a letter from Alvin Hovey


12 April 1859              Claims allowed on estate


Undated                      Inventory of household items


Folder 10


Dates vary                   Accounts and papers of Samuel G. Morton, as agent and trustee


Anna Maclure


Folder 11


Dates vary                   Receipts, Declaration of intention to become a citizen, estate



Maclure Family


Folder 12


Undated                      Genealogy


Undated                      Statement of amount released from sale of Spanish property



28 Jan. 194[2]             Letter from descendent of a David McClure with sketch of his life.                                                No reason to assume this McClure is related to the Maclures.


Margaret Maclure


Folder 13


6 Feb 1839                  Invoice from doctor for care given

to 19 Oct 1839


William Maclure


Folder 14


Dates vary                   Accounts current with Alexander Maclure


Folder 15                   


Dates vary                   Accounts current with S. H. Carpenter (Philadelphia)


Folder 16                   


Dates vary                   Accounts current with Stephen Girard, Banker (Philadelphia)


Folder 17


Dates vary                   Accounts current with William Gorman, Alicante, Spain. 

                                    Accounts were handled by Alexander after William’s death.


Folder 18                   


Dates vary                   Miscellaneous accounts


Folder 19                   


Dates vary                   Bonds and agreements


Folder 20


Undated                      Contribution to the New Harmony Gazette


Folder 21       


Dates vary                   Accounts and papers of John C. Fory, agent to settle affairs of

                                    Estate in Spain – plus local business.


Folder 22                   


Dates vary                   Estate – Mexican accounts


Folder 23                   


Dates vary                   Estate – Mexican documents




Folder 24                   


Undated                      Hints on the culture of the vine.  An example of Maclure’s essays

                                    Sent to New Harmony for publication, with the editing of the copy

                                    done by Thomas Say.


Folder 25


Undated                      List of books given to Germantown public schools


Folder 26


Dates vary                   Letters, etc. for Maclure relatives and heirs


Folder 27                   


1832                            Memorandum on revision of Mexican constitution


Folder 28


Undated                      Miscellaneous


Folder 29                   


Dates vary                   Miscellaneous legal documents, Mexico


Folder 30


Dates vary                   Miscellaneous legal documents, Spain


Folder 31


7 Oct. 1796                 Naturalization Certificate, Detroit



Folder 32


Undated                      The old school – The new school, comparison in parallel columns


Folder 33-47               Maclure’s essays.  Later published as Opinions on Various Subjects.  Essays are arranged chronologically from 1829-1836

Folder 48


Undated                      Passports and travel documents (Mexican)

Folder 49


Undated                      One paper listing organizations to which Maclure is a member


Folder 50


1837                            Plan for applying the American land survey system to France


Folder 51


1827                            Power of Attorney to Madame M. D. Fretageot



Folder 52


1830-1832                   Promissory notes addressed to Maclure.  Last three are from Thomas Say.



Folder 53


Dates vary                   Receipts


Folder 54


1822-1841                   Spanish affairs


Folder 55


Dates vary                   Wills and related papers


New Harmony Series IV.O – Owen Family Papers


Folder 1


Undated                      Drawing of cupola of D.D. Owen laboratory


Folder 2


Undated                      Photo of sampler done by Jane Dale Owen in 1811


Folder 3


Dates vary                   Richard Owen essays on education



Folder 4


1845                            Correspondence regarding plans for the building of the Smithsonian Institution.  Robert Dale and David Dale Owen


Folder 5


1827-1830                   Robert Owen documents recording settlement with William Maclure 2-5 May 1827, 3 June 1830.

                                    2 May 1827 Conditional Bond.  Robert Owen, William G. Taylor, William Owen, and Robert M. Evans to William Maclure.  Penal sum $40,000.  Condition that Robert Owen shall within one year secure relinquishment of his wife’s dower rights in property deeded to Maclure.

                                    5 May 1827 Release. Robert Owen to William Maclure.  Release of all “causes of action, accounts, claims, and demands whatsoever.”

                                    3 June 1830 Release from restriction in deed.  Robert Owen to William Maclure.  Abrogates the covenants of 5 May 1827 that restricted Maclure from distilling ardent spirits, and from keeping a store or inn.


Folder 6-7


Dates vary                   Owen Trust Estate


Folder 8                     


No date                       Printed broadside of Robert Owen’s Twelve Fundamental Laws of Human Nature (1829)


Folder 9


1830                            Account current with Robert Owen, 1 Sept. 1828-1 Feb. 1830.  Prepared by William Owen, who appends a letter to his brother, Robert  Dale, in which a date as late as 4 Aug. 1830 is mentioned.


Folder 10


Jan. 1832                     Rough estimate of New Harmony real estate.  Two documents.  The first in the hand of Robert Dale Owen.  Estimate value of property owned by Robert Dale and William Owen.





Folder 11


Jan.-Feb. 1832             Robert Dale Owen.  Sales effect in New Harmony, Jan. & Feb. 1832


Folder 12                   


ca. 1832                       Appraisement of houses and lots in New Harmony.  Probably belonged to Robert Dale Owen.


Folder 13                   


1839-1840                   Robert Dale Owen.  Communication to newspapers.


Folder 14                   


15 May 1856               Article on the role of Robert Dale Owen on the establishment of the Smithsonian Institution from the Millennial Gazette written by Robert Owen and transcripts of proceedings of Congress, and extracts from RDO’s speech in the House of Representatives.  Typewritten for New Harmony exhibit at Louisiana Purchase Exposition.


Folder 15                   


ca. 1835                       Robert Dale Owen financial accounts


Folder 16


1836                            Law suit re: Moral Physiology


Folder 17


Dates vary                   Robert Dale Owen. Legal documments


Folder 18


23 Sept. 1862              Transcript of Robert Dale Owen’s letter to Abraham Lincoln concerning the emancipation of slaves.


Folder 19


Dates vary                   Robert Dale Owen.  Miscellaneous




Folder 20


Dates vary                   Robert Dale Owen et al.  David Dale Trust Estate (Scotland)


Folder 21


1842                            Robert Dale Owen and others.  Report of town meeting.  New Harmony and the Rev. Benjamin Halsted concerning communication that appeared in the Episcopal Recorder of Philadelphia reflecting upon the character of the town.


Folder 22


Dates vary                   William Owen.  Business papers