March 22, 2009
Series VIII Oversize Case (Maps, Plans, Posters, Etc.)
April 30, 2009


New Harmony Series 15

Microfilm collection



 Drawer 1


New Harmony Gazette 1825-1828
The Disseminator 
Indiana Statesman
Western Atlas
New Harmony Advertiser  1858-1861
New Harmony Register
New Harmony Times  
Posey County News *

*Continued in Drawer 2

 NOTE:  Duplicate reels of Newspapers from 1982-1996 are held in the Branigin Archive.


Drawer 2

Census records


1790     New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Main, Massachusetts, Maryland, New

           Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, and Virginia – 1 reel

1810      Kentucky counties: Caldwell, Campbell, Clark, Clay, Cumberland, Casey, and Christian – 1 reel

1820     Indiana counties: Clark, Dearborn, Floyd, Pike, Posey, Franklin, Jackson, and Jefferson – 1 reel

1830     Indiana counties: Hancock, Rudolph, Wayne, Posey, Jackson, and Owen – 1 reel

1840     Indiana – 1 reel

           Indiana counties: Perry, Pike, Porter and Posey – 1 reel

           Indiana counties: Gibson, Grant and Greene – 1 reel

1850     Indiana counties: Gibson and Grant – 1 reel

           Indiana counties: Posey and Pulaski – 1 reel

           Indiana counties: Tipton, Union and Vanderburgh – 1 reel

1860     Indiana counties: Posey and Pulaski – 1 reel

           Indiana county:  Tippicanoe – 1 reel

1870     Indiana counties: Posey and Pulaski – 1 reel

           Indiana counties: Fulton and Gibson – 1 reel

1880     Indiana – 1 reel

1900     Posey County, Indiana – 1 reel

1910     Rockbridge County, Virginia- 1 reel

           Posey County, Indiana – 1 reel

New Harmony Manuscripts


Series I New Harmony Correspondence 1814-1830 with catalog and notes by Arthur E. Bestor – 1 reel

Series I New Harmony Correspondence 1814-1831 – 1 reel

Series I New Harmony Correspondence 1832-1848 – 1 reel

Series I New Harmony Correspondence – 1 reel


Series IM Maclure-Fretageot Correspondence Before 1830 – 1 reel

Series IM Maclure-Fretageot Correspondence Beginning 1830 – 1 reel

Series IM Maclure-Fretageot Correspondence Undated – 1 reel

Series IM Maclure-Fretageot Correspondence – 2 reels


Series III New Harmony Commuity Records with catalog and notes by Arthur E. Bestor – 4 reels

Series III New Harmony Community Beginning with p.393/vol.1 – 1 reel

Series III New Harmony Community Beginning with p.370/vol.6 – 1 reel

Series III Miscellaneous Organizations Beginning with Posey County Driving Association – 1 reel

Series IIIWMI Minutes of the WMI Beginning with insert in v.4 – 1 reel


Series IV Personal Papers beginning with Alexander Maclure’s legal documents – 1 reel

Series IV Diaries and notebooks of Individuals – 1 reel, containing the following:

  • Baldwin, William         Diary
  • Birkbeck, Richard       Diary
  • Bolton, Frances         Autobiography
  • Bolton, Frank            Records of estate settled, 2v.
  • Cooper, John             Guardian of heirs of R. H. Fauntleroy
  • Duclos, Victor            Diary
  • Johnson, Moses          Notebook with play of New Harmony
  • Maclure, William          List of notes due, 1838
  • Murphy, Dr. Edward     Diary of 1867 trip abroad
  • Nettleton, N. G.          Invoice book
  • Owen, David Dale        Catalogues of geological specimen
  • Taylor, Fauntleroy & Co. Account book, 1832
  • Warren, Josiah            Notebook “D”


Series IVM Personal Papers of William Maclure – 1 reel

Series IVO Personal Papers of the Owen Family – 1 reel


Series VII Maps and Plans – 1 reel, including the following:

Map of the Labyrinth

Weingartner Map

Series XI

Subject file of articles, memoranda and clippings


Pelham Collection – 3 reels


William Maclure Papers

Note: Some material in this section may duplicate material in Series I


Maclure-Fretageot Correspondence, 1820-18322 reels

Maclure, William, Correspondence, 1796-18482 reels

Maclure Papers.  Mss., notebooks, etc. relating to Maclure – 2 reels

Maclure Notebook ca. 1808 – 1 reel

Maclure Notebooks beginning v.5, 1808 – 1 reel

Maclure Notebooks beginning v.18, 1812 – 1 reel

Maclure Journals and Notes4 reels

Maclure Lawsuit Civil Order book of Posey Co. Circuit Court, 1840-1859 pp.1-547 – 1 reel


Miscellaneous Records


Owen Family Papers 1829-1872 from the private collection of

Kenneth Dale Owen  MFL OWE 1829-1872 1025885


Richard Owen’s Ledger, 1858-1860 MFL OWE 1858-1860 1025886


Kenneth Dale Owen’s “Bestor collection” : Robert Dale and Richard Owen portions only


A.J. MacDonald collection of utopian materials

            Research material for The Communities of the United States.

            MFL MAC 1851 1025884


New Harmony items

  • The Elliott account books
  • The Fauntleroy letterbook
  • The Fretageot journals


American Philosophical Society


Frances Wright Biography and Notes


Working Men’s Institute Library

  • Funeral Home Records, 5 Jan. 1891- 9 Jan. 1897. 1897-1906, 1864-1867
  • Church Records:  Mt. Mariah Baptist, 1866-1910
  • Stewartsville Baptist Winfield, 1911-1928
  • Bethsaida Church of Christ, 1824-1891
  • German Evangelical Church, 1866-1919


Working Men’s Institute Library

  • Church Records: Methodist Episcopal, 1845-1868, 1846-1867, 1867-1907, 1868-1870, 1869-1936, 1897-1920
  • St. Stephen’s Episcopal, 1838-1934
  • Black River Baptish, 1840
  • St. Peter, 1907-1934
  • St. James, 1872-1929


Working Men’s Institute Library

  • Robb Township School Census, 1901
  • Harmonist Accounts, 1814-1826
  • Farmers’ Directory, 1870 & 1919


Biography of self-made men of Indiana, 1880

Families of Posey County


Posey county History & Directory, 1882, 1889, 1909 and 1914

Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, 1806-1932

Immanuel United Church of Christ, 1871-1929

General Baptist Church, 1908-1921


General Baptist Church, 1908-1921

Trinity United Church of Christ, 1857

Adults and children of Posey Co., 1847-1850

Biography of Ind., 1895

Biography of self-made men of Ind., 1880

Families of Posey County


Churches of Posey County by Rev. August E. Binder of

Mt. Vernon, Indiana.


St. Stephen’s parish records 1838-1978 (Odd size film)


American Philosophical Society (No reel)


H. P. Owen and E. F. Owen vs. H. M. and L. T. Phillips.  Law suit brought by Owen brothers against the owners of the Harmonist granary being used at that time as a mill and next to their home.  Owens complaining of too much noise, etc.



Posey County Records – Circuit     Drawer 3


  • Records Probate Book A, January 1815-April 1827 
  • Execution Docket Book A, 1819-1846 
  • Execution Docket Book 1, 1846-1860 
  • Execution Docket Book 2, 1860-1871 
  • Execution Docket Book 3, 1871-1874 
  • Execution Docket Book 4, 1874-1876 
  • Execution Docket Book 5, 1876-1879 
  • Execution Docket Book 6, 1879-1882 
  • Execution Docket Book 7, 1882-1885 
  • Execution Docket Book 8, 1885-1889 
  • Execution Docket Book 9, 1889-1896 
  • Execution Docket Book 10, 1896-1905 
  • Execution Docket Book 11, 1905-1926 
  • Execution Docket Book 12, 1926-1940 
  • Execution Docket Book 13, 1939-1974 
  • Civil Index Plaintiff, 1815-1873 
  • Civil Index Plaintiff, 1873-1891 
  • Civil Index Plaintiff, 1891-1920 
  • Civil Index Defendant, 1815-1873 
  • Civil Index Defendant, 1873-1891 
  • Civil Index Defendant, 1891-1919 
  • Records Book A, 1818-1829 
  • Records Book B, 1819-1824 
  • Records Book C, 1825-1829 
  • Records Book C, 1829-1830 
  • Records Book D, 1830-1834 
  • Records Book E, 1834-1839 
  • Civil Order Book, 1840-1859 



Other Posey County Records:                   Drawer 3


  • Marriage Records Books 1 & 2, 1815-1847 
  • Marriage Records Book 3, 1846-1857 
  • Marriage Records Book A, 1857-1863 
  • Marriage Records Book 5, 1863-1868 
  • Marriage Records Book 6, 1868-1873 
  • Marriage Records Book 7, 1873-1878 
  • Marriage Records Book 8, 1878-1882 
  • Will Records Book A & B, 1816-1852 
  • Will Records Book 1, 1852-1875 
  • Deed Book 1 Grantee, 1816-1849 
  • Deed Book 2 Grantee, 1849-1859 
  • Deed Book 3 Grantee, 1859-1869 
  • Deed Book 4 Grantee, 1869-1876 
  • Deed Book 5 Grantee, 1876-1882 
  • Deed Book 6 Grantee, 1882-1891 
  • Deed Book 7 Grantee, 1891-1899 
  • Deed Book 8 Grantee, 1899-1908 
  • Deed Book 9 Grantee, 1909-1917 
  • Deed Book 10 Grantee, 1918-1925 
  • Deed Book 11 Grantee, 1926-1934 
  • Deed Book 1 Grantor, 1816-1849 
  • Deed Book 2 Grantor, 1849-1859 
  • Deed Book 4 Grantor, 1869-1876 
  • Deed Book 5 Grantor, 1876-1885 
  • Deed Book 7 Grantor, 1891-1899 
  • Deed Book 8 Grantor, 1899-1908 
  • Deed Book 9 Grantor, 1909-1917 
  • Deed Book 10 Grantor, 1918-1925 











Harmony Society Records     Branigin Archive          Box I

Series I and Series II



Note:  All annotations were made by historians at Old Economy

(The WMI holds two complete sets of these records.)


Reel  1             1804-1816       Bills, receipts, and letters.  1814-1816 covering move to the   Wabash in Indiana.


Reel  2             1816-1819       B ills, receipts, and many letters showing the importance of New Harmonie as a center of business between Pittsburgh and New Orleans.


Reel  3             1819-1820       Accounts, bills, receipts, invoices, and many business letters from agents or commission houses doing business with or for the society.


Reel  4             1820-1822       Bills, receipts, invoices, orders, and many letters from agents and friends of the Harmony society, which show the struggle to establish American manufacture against imports


Reel  5             1822-1823       Bills, receipts, invoices, orders, and letters from agents of the Harmonists.  Accounts of funds collected in Germany.  Financial matters relating to C. Smith Steam Mill Co.


Reel  6             1823-1824, then 1788-1813     The first part continues the accounts in reels 1-5.

Reel 1-the first part of 6 comprise what is known as Accounts Series I.  The second part of reel 6 begins Series I, Correspondence.  This is a misleading bureaucratic division made by persons not familiar with the excellent filing system of the Harmony Society.  In fact, both series contain certain correspondence, bills, invoices, accounts and orders.  The first part of the reel contains valuable information on the Indiana to Pennsylvania move, the last part some of the earliest letters of George Rapp.  The date of the first letter of this series has been misread and should be March 21.


Reel  7             1813-1817       Mostly letters to the Society, also form leaders of the Society when away form home.  Covers move to Indiana, establishment there, arrival of new members from Germany.  Also receipts, bills and orders.


Reel  8             1818-1821       Contains many important letters on internal and external affairs of the Harmony Society.  There are letters in German and English from members, former members, Indiana men of state, agents of the Society, the two members sent to Wurttemberg to collect funds due the members, and applications for membership and financial assistance.


Reel  9             1821-1824       Contains much important but mixed together material reflecting the confusion that resulted from the so-called “reorganization of the archives.”  It contains b ills, accounts, some letters by George, Frederick and Gertrude Rapp.  There are important letters from the Society Commission sent to Wurttemburg to collect inheritances due to the members.


Reel 10            1822 then 1800-1816  The 1800-1816 documents are mixed legal documents ending with PM appointment of John Shriver at Harmonie, Pa in 1813.  This is a transition reel with regular business reports of the agents of the Society.  Records of Harmonie, Indiana with Frederick still there in charge of factory and George supervising the building of Economy and the St. Boat William Penn of which there are many records and receipts.


Reel 11            1812    James Madison land paper to note books from Harmony Society school.  Uncatalogued and miscellaneous material.  Citizenship papers , articles of agreement, vital statistics of the Society.  Most important is the “Book of Life” containing articles of agreement and signatures of members, but not complete.  For genealogists the 1822 Seelenregister, register of souls at Harmonie is most important, giving vital statistics.


Reel 12            1819-1925       First legal documents: 1818-1823 land records in Indiana. Genealogical records in Indiana for inheritances due in Wurttemburg.  Redemption records.  James Monroe executive clemency for P. Ulirch.  Lawsuits. Seybert legal papers.  Mrs. Blaine claims.  Power of attorney for Germany, 62 in number.  Depositions on Miler suit vs. George Rapp.  Dutch Pietists and Harmony Society.  Letters from society leaders and Gertrude Rapp.  Record of building of steamboat William Penn.  Indiana political letters.  Letters of agents.  Early report on Economy.  Final sale of William Penn.  Very important reel covering last of Indiana and start of Economy, Pa.


Reel 13            1825-1826       An important reel of letters to and from the Society, also bills, receipts and reports form agents.  All belong to the post-Indiana period but contain reports form business and legal agents of the Society, particularly from Vincennes, Shawneetown, etc.  Most material, however, relates to Economy in Pennsylvania.


Reel 14            1826    Primarily letters to the Society from its agents, also in Indiana.  Bills and receipts.  All within the post-Indiana period, except the second part of the film which contains record and day books from 1804-1830.  these give very detailed records of debit and credit, mainly in dealing with people not in the Society.  These books are not clearly identified or introduced.


Reel 15            1804-1830       Day and record books of purchases form 1804-1830, including a record book of a brewery in Pittsburgh with Wm Shiras as agent, which is not a record of the Harmony Society.  No logical arrangement.


Reel 16            1804-1830       Various day books and other books of purchase and business dealings, running from 1804-1830.  books are not identified before filming but some show accounts with agents.


Reel 17            1827-1830       1827 cash book up to 1830.  Mostly 1828-1830.  Cash received and expended.  1821-1827 Distribution of women’s clothing.  Buch fur Weiber Kleider, starting 1821.  1826 membership list.  Birthdays of women listed.  Book for seamstresses, 1822.  Alphabetically arranged with trades of members up to 1830.  Price lists 1825+.  Goods put up for individuals.  Cotton records.  Memo of yarn spun 1826-1830.  1828-1848 clothing given out to women.  1822-1824 blacks spun cloth production and distribution.  1804+ Godfrey Haga goods received.  Purchases from Haga in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh merchants.


Reel 18            1804-1830       Series of records and day books.  Note that in Jan. 1806 chewing tobacco is still used, later dropped.  1808 debit to John Rapp, not Father Rapp’s son.  Day books show purchases, sales, distribution of supplies to members, e.g. salt, whiskey, cloth, merchandise produced and shipped, accounts with Abishai Way and Issac Bean.  Improvement maps of land in Indiana and records of early Economy in 1825.  Index to Indiana farms


Reel 19            1804-1830       Bay books and ledgers and other records of purchases and accounts.  Account books of H.S. with agents of Society in New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Shawneetown, Vincennes, St. Louis, Louisville, Philadelphia.  Record of merchandise shipped for sale.  Records of trades of H.S and distribution of supplies to members.  Records of production of trades in H.S.  Trades represented in the Society listed with records of production and costs.  Key to trades of members as recorded in my biographical dictionary.


Reel 20            1804-1830       Bay books and ledgers and other records of purchases and accounts.  Member list in this period.  Record of newspapers to which the H.S. subscribed and payments made.  Accounts by members showing supplies issued 1820+.  Accounts of about 40 H.S. shops or trades, and wool factory.  Record of harvests by field of horses, cattle, sheep, starting 1822.  Careful German index.  List by fields in Indiana.  Sales in H.S. stores or by agents in Vincennes, Shawneetown, Carmi, Princeton, etc.  Second record of 30 H.S. departments, goods produced in Indiana and sold in Economy 1824+.  Accounts with Pittsburgh and Philadelphia merchants, 1807-1830 accounts of H.S. families, receipts.  Shows what families received, lists of shipments received.  Last of reel covers Economy period.


Reel 21            1804-1830       Day books, ledgers and other records of purchases and accounts.  Shows what H.S. bought for itself and members, e.g. for Gertrude Rapp – music to Freyschutz, Cherubini’s Fruhling, etc.  Lists medicines, books, music purchased.  1822-1825 gives a list of H.S. fields with their German names.  This is important key for understanding letters.  Harvest records for 1825+ in Economy.  Account book for 1817-1819 shows accounts of Indianans and what they bought, e.g. Danny Lynn and Thomas Robb 1811-1812 records of N.S. shops or trades and persons employed by H.S. 1825-1826 record of persons employed to do grubbing at Economy Pa.  1812-1814 account book of trades and outside accounts.  Notes of medicines and symptoms of sickness.


Reel 22            1804-1830       Day books, ledgers and other records of purchases and accounts.  Production of H.S. and cash receipts arranged by trades, e.g. blacksmith, shoemaker, saddler, etc.  Accounts with persons outside the H.S. Excellent key to Indiana business men who did business with H.S.  Store records of Vincennes, Shawneetown, Louisville bank, Bank of Illinois at Shawneetown.  Records of production:  Butter, harvests, 14817-1819.  Record of orders placed with H.S. factories.  Share cropping arrangements and contracts.  1815 ferry contract under H.S. crossing Wabash.  Agreements with outsiders.  Medicine distributed.  Grains planted and harvests 1816-1861.  Income and outlay records.  Leon cash payments. Map of H.H. cemetery with N. H. street names Oct. 12, 1815.  record of State of Indiana loan.  Harmonie store records starting 1823.  Record of articles wanted at store.  Record of orders received.  Shows what stores wanted to sell.  1824-1831 whiskey production record.  Record of coal bought.  Record of distillery. Part of reel covers Economy period.


Reel 23            1804-1830       Day books, ledgers, records of purchases and accounts.  Family ledger showing items received, form the H.S. store.  Starts May 13, 1813.  Supplies names of H.S. members.  Wool purchased by H.S. in 1821 and prices.  Accounts of individuals at Economy.  Record of total purchase of wool in 1829 and names of sellers.  Frederick Rapp’s school book of 1789 and Gertrude Rapp’s started at Harmonie, IN in 1823.  German printing of H.S. articles of agreement.  School exercises written by John Rapp.


Reel 24            1826-1827


Reel 25            1827 (January- October)


Reel 26            1827-1828


Reel 27            1828 (April – November)


Reel 28            1822-1829


Reel 29            1829-1830


Reel 30            1830  (January-March)


Reel 31            1830 (July – November)



Harmony Society Records 1786-1951                Branigin Archive                                                                    Box  II-Box III


Reel  1             1805-1824                   Articles of Agreement

                        1827-1893                   Book of Life

•1892-1903                                      Minute Books


Reel  1             Duplicate


Reel  2             1825-1830                   Harmony Society Letter Books, etc.



Reel  7             1786-1951                   Legal file

•1808-1923                                      Court cases and legal proceedings A-I


Reel  8             1786-1951                   Legal file

•1808-1923                                      Court cases and legal proceedings K-N


Reel  9             1808-1923                   Court cases and legal proceedings N-W

•1796-1822                                      Deeds


Reel 59            1836                            Incoming correspondence, Clark, J. – McC


Reel 60            1836                            Incoming correspondence, McF-Z


Reel 61            1837                            Incoming correspondence, A-Kec


Reel 62            1837                            Incoming correspondence, Kep-Z

•1838                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-B


Reel 63            1838                            Incoming correspondence, C-MI


Reel 64            1838                            Incoming correspondence, Mo-Z

•1839                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-Cong


Reel 65            1839                            Incoming correspondence, Conr-Mitchell


Reel 66            1839                            Incoming correspondence, Mitchell – Tree

•1840                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-Brown, E.


Reel 67            1840                            Incoming correspondence, Brown, M. -McK


Reel 68            1840                            Incoming correspondence, McL-Z

•1841                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-Bow


Reel 69            1841                            Incoming corrspondence, Boy-L


Reel 70            1841                            Incoming correspondence, M-Z

•1842                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-Ci


Reel 71            1842                            Incoming correspondence, Cl-Rah


Reel 72            1842                            Incoming correspondence, Rat-Z

•1843                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-K


Reel 73            1843                            Incoming correspondence, L-Z

•1844                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-Graf


Reel 74            1844                            Incoming correspondence, Gray-Z

•1845                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-D


Reel 75            1845                            Incoming correspondence, E-Z


Reel 76            1846                            Incoming correspondence, A-Z


Reel 77            1847                            Incoming correspondence, A-Z


Reel 78            1848                            Incoming correspondence, A-Ri


Reel 79            1848                            Incoming correspondence, Ro-Z

•1849                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-Lin


Reel 80            1849                            Incoming correspondence, Lis-Z

•1850                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-Goo


Reel 81            1850                            Incoming correspondence, Gor-Z


Reel 82            1851                            Incoming correspondence, A-Robe


Reel 83            1851                            Incoming correspondence, Robi-Z

•1851                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-McQ


Reel 84            1852                            Incoming correspondence, Mad-Z

•1852                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-Joh


Reel 85            1853                            Incoming correspondence, Jon-Z


Reel 86            1854                            Incoming correspondence, A-R


Reel 87            1854                            Incoming correspondence, S-Z

•1855                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-Merc


Reel 88            1855                            Incoming correspondence, Merkle-Z

•1856                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-F


Reel 89            1856                            Incoming correspondence, G-Z


Reel 90            1857                            Incoming correspondence, A-Rob


Reel 91            1857                            Incoming correspondence, Ros-Z

•1857                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-H


Reel 92            1858                            Incoming correspondence, I-Z


Reel 93            1859                            Incoming correspondence, A-McC


Reel 95            1860                            Incoming correspondence, A-M


Reel 96            1860                            Incoming correspondence, N-Z

•1861                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-B


Reel 97            1861                            Incoming correspondence, C-L


Reel 98            1861                            Incoming correspondence, M-Z


Reel 113          1868                            Incoming correspondence, A-I


Reel 114          1868                            Incoming correspondence, J-Stephens


Reel 115          1868                            Incoming correspondence, Stephenson-Z

•1869                                                        A-Economy


Reel 116          1869                            Incoming correspondence, Economy Savings Institution- Patterson, James


Reel 117          1869                            Incoming correspondence, Patterson, James & Sons -Z

•1870                                                        Incoming correspondence, A-Gri



Miscellaneous Papers             Branigin Archive          Box III



Harmony Society Papers         Letter Books (Frederick Rapp) 3 vol., 1812-1818, 1818-1822, 1822-1825


Harmony Society Papers Reel 312                 Triannual Assessment and tax books for Harmonie Twp., PA, Sermons and religious commentary, bundles 1-3 (part)


Harmony Society Papers Reel 313                 Sermons and religious commentaries, cont. bundle 3


Harmony Society Papers Reel 314                 Sermons and religious commentaries, bundle 4-6 (part)


Harmony Society Papers Reel 315                 Sermons and religious commentaries, bundle 6 (part) to end.           


C. A. Lesueur Sketchbooks    American Philosophical Society (six reels)


R. H. Fauntleroy Manuscript, 1810-1870 from the Balch Institute.


Dr. Liberty Brooks, Papers 1838-1883


Lists of the court records of the Virginia counties ca. 1622-1925



Cynthiana Argus 1893-1934 Branigin Archive          Box IV