November 3, 2008
New Harmony’s Lincoln Connection
February 20, 2009

New Harmony Series VII – Accounts and Receipts


Folder 1          1810-1819


                        25 April 1810               Mr. Rapp purchases items including 6 willow from Ann Hancock of Philadelphia.



Folder 2          1820-1829      


                        18 Aug. 1822               Bill of lading for the Rebecca laying anchor in Philadelphia


1820-1829                                     Various receipts including one for John Townsend

for payment of tuition and board for his daughter to M.D. Fretageot, 18 June 1822.


                        21 Oct. 1825               Memorandum of papers notes accounts given into the hands of R. L Baker [member of the Harmony Society].  This list was sent to Indiana by R. L. Baker.  It is likely accounts still due the Harmonists when the left New Harmony to return to Philadelphia.


                        30 Nov. 1826              Robert Owen allowing R. L. Baker to draw rents now due on lands allowed to in the agreement made by Frederick Rapp and to dispose of them a dispose of them as he thinks fit for as Owen says “I do not consider myself entitled to interfere in these transactions.”


                        24 Oct. 1826               Memorandu of papers taken to Indiana by R. L. Baker.  Includes Robert Owen’s bond due May 27 for $20,000


                        10 Oct. to 9 Nov. 1828  Tyler Fauntleroy & Co.  Accounts.


                        31 [Jan.] 1829              Cargo list of items shipped from New Harmony bound for New Orleans.


                        3 Mar. 1829                 Notes taken on pork and corn in 1828 and remaining in hand [unpaid].


Folder 3          1830-1839


                        1830-1840                   Various receipts including some from the office of the Disseminator and various accounts. 


                        6 July 1835                  Receipt for 79 barrels of whiskey shipped from the port of New Harmony for New Orleans by William Owen and Virgil Soper.


Folder 4          1840-1849


1840-1849                                     Various receipts and accounts


16 May 1841               Bill of lading for steamboat Rialto for goods from

New Harmony to Lafayette.


                        24 May, 1846              Bill of lading for steamboat Argo from Evansville to New Harmony.


Folder 5          1850-1859


1850-1859                                     Various receipts and accounts.


17 Sept. 1859              Statement of Accounts as between Robert Dale

Owen and Jane Dale Fauntleroy, David Dale Owen and Richard Owen.


Folder 6          1860-1869


                        1860-1869                   Various receipts and accounts including packet receipts for steamboats making daily short runs from Evansville.



Folder 7          1870-1879


1870-1874                                     Various receipts


13 May, 1874              One side is a copy of the offering of [New Harmony

by] Harmony Society to Robert Owen with the acceptance statement of Robert Owen.  The back side has the promise of the town of New Harmony to care for the “German graveyard” for the use of the Harmonist property where the brick church stood for a school.


Folder 8          Undated                      Various receipts and accounts