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January 4, 2011
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March 3, 2011

The Carl and Laura Barrett Collection




            The Carl and Laura Barrett Collection consists of the personal papers of Captain Joseph Allen Barrett (1837-1891) and the official records of “B” Company, 60th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers (1861-1865).


            This gift was made shortly after the death of Mr. Carl Barrett by his wife, Laura, in August, 1979.  Mr. Barrett was Joseph A. Barrett’s son by his second wife.


            Approximate number of items:  310




Captain Joseph Allen Barrett (1837-1891)


            Captain Joseph Allen Barrett’s birth date is not clear; the official records indicate 1839; some genealogical family records list 1837.  Death date is January 26, 1891.  His parents, Nathaniel and Nancy Barrett, came to Indiana in 1816 and settled in Robb Township, Posey County.  He married Kisiah Stallings in 1857.  He enlisted in the Civil War and was mustered into “B” Company, 60th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, and was commissioned captain at the deaths in action of his two predecessors.  Following the war he resumed farming.  He and his wife Kisiah had five children: Lewis, Emma, Morris, Walter and Bertha.  His second wife was Marian Overton, and from this marriage were born Claude and Carl.  Captain Barrett was elected Justice of the Peace and served eight years.


“B:” Company


            Wolfgang Hyne was captain of the Company in November, 1861, when Barrett was mustered in.  At his death in 1862, Joseph B. Noble became captain.  Noble was killed in action 11 January, 1863, and Barrett was commissioned captain the following July 1 and so remained until mustered out March 21, 1865.  Colonel Richard Owen served as commanding officer of the Indiana Volunteers.




            The Carl and Laura Barrett Collection (1859-1895) mainly documents the Civil War years of Captain Joseph Allen Barrett and the official records of  “B” Company, 60th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, although several folders of personal papers are concerned with Barrett’s life before and after the war.


            The affairs of the Company are extensively recorded as to enlistments, illnesses and deaths, prisoner-of-war reports, supplies and equipment, ordinance reports, orders from headquarters; bound manuscript books of the personnel, accounts, “morning reports”, company orders; printed governmental booklets of instruction.


            The collection includes correspondence and legal papers, governmental forms and lists filled out by the captain of “B” Company, printed orders and pamphlets, and bound manuscript records.


            The papers are arranged according to subject matter, type and date. 






Joseph Allen Barrett (1837, 1838, 1839 – 1891)


            Correspondence and Papers, 1864-1891

                        Hunter letters, old soldier comrade affairs, pension correspondence


            Receipts and Accounts, 1864-1890

                        Tax receipts


            Legal Papers, 1859-1881

                        Mainly warranty deeds, concerned with purchase and sale of real estate


            Justice of the Peace business, 1875-1879


            Kisiah Stallings and Marian Overton Barrett (wives)

                        Correspondence and papers



                        Field desk



Affairs of “B” Company, 60th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers


            Joseph Allen Barrett, 1862-1889

                        Official papers: Musters – in and out, promotions


            The Enlisted Men (The Soldiers), 1864-1865

Enlistments, furloughs, discharges, illnesses and deaths, “final                                                                                  statements:, prisoner-of-war reports, individual communications


Muster Rolls, Returns of Captain, volunteer Descriptive List and Account of Pay and Clothing, Descriptive List of Deserters 



Supplies and Equipment, 1862-1864

            Clothing , camp and garrison equipage issued; some lost in retreats


Ordnance, 1863-1864

            Military supplies issued; some lost in battle


Orders from Headquarters, 1863-1865

            War Dept., Washington, D.C. – General Orders, 25 June 1863 – 1 Dec.                              1864


            Headquarters, Defenses of New Orleans – General Orders, 14 Sept. 1864 –

            26 January 1865


            Headquarters, Provisional Divisions – General Orders, 27 Sept. 1864


            Headquarters, Dept. of the Gulf – General Orders, 16 April 1864 – 17 Jan.            



            Headquarters, Military Division of Western Mississippi – General Orders,

            14 Sept. 1864 – 22 Jan. 1865


            Headquarters, Military Division of Western Mississippi – Circulars, 18       

            Nov. 1864 – 16 Dec. 1864


            Headquarters, La Fourche District – General Orders, 5 July 1864 – 15

            Dec. 1864


            Headquarters, Assistant Provost Marshall General of Indiana – Special

            Orders, 4 Apr. 1864 – 3 Dec. 1864 (manuscripts)


Blank Forms


Printed Booklets


Instructions for making muster-rolls, mustering into service, periodical payments, and discharging form service of volunteers or militia.  Washington, Government Printing Office, 1862.


Same as above.  Revised.  1863.


Instructions for officers and non-commissioned officers on outposts and patrol duty, and troops in campaign.  In two parts.  Washington.  Government Printing Office, 1863.


General orders affecting the volunteer force; adjutant general’s office. 1862.  Washington.  Government Printing Office, 1863.


Index of general orders, adjutant general’s office, 1862.  Washington. Government Printing Office, 1863.


Frisco Line – a few facts concerning the next opening of Indian lands.  St. Louis, Woodward & Tiernan Printing Co., n.d. [just after 1900]





BOX II (Flat Box)


            Company Book, 1861-1865

                        Contains lists of commissioned and non-commissioned officers, transfers,

                        honorable and dishonorable discharges, deaths, deserters; descriptive roll   

                        (age, height, complexion, eyes, hair, where born, occupation, enlistment,



                        End sheet contains names of all three captains (Hyne, Noble, Barrett) of

                        Company “B”


            Account Book, 1861-1865

                        Accounts of individual soldiers listing clothing and supplies issued                                     to men of company. 

                        Price lists on end sheets for 1863-1864.


            Company Morning Reports, 1862-1864

                        Daily reports of Company “B” captains Hyne, Noble and Barrett on status

                        Of men (duty, health, presence or absence, etc.) and remarks for the month


            Death of Captain Joseph B. Noble on Jan. 13, 1863 is recorded.


            Company Orders, 27 Feb. 1862 – 28 Feb. 1865

                        Regimental and Special Orders issued by Col. Richard Owen, Company

                        Commander, by lesser officers: Lt. Col. A Goelzer, Major Samuel Walker,

                        And Captain Joseph A. Barrett.


                        Places named:  Camp Morton at Indianapolis, Vicksburg, Thibodaux,

                        Louisiana, places in Texas, and Fort Gaines, Alabama








Carl Allen Barrett


            Personal Papers

                        Will and photo

                        Honors and memberships

                                    Development of Santa Claus, Indiana, 1935


                                    Selective Service work – Certificate of Appreciation, state and

                                    Nation, World War II (1942-1945) – 3 items


                                    Eugene Field Society Honorary Membership, 1942


                                    International Mark Twain Society Honoray Membership, 1945



                        6 poems from “Moods of the Wanderere”


            Art Works

                        Oil – hunting scene

                        ?oil – figure of a man sowing (?)

                        pen and ink – Japanese girl

                        (2) touched-up photographs –sand dunes (artist in question)