New Harmony Series XVI – Oversized Items
April 30, 2009
Series IM
July 13, 2009

Cataloged by Josephine M. Elliott


The papers of Caroline Dale Baldwin Allen (Mrs. Bewley) were given to the New Harmony Workingmen’s Institute by her family after the settlement of her estate in 1991. They consist of 32 legal-size Hollinger document cases, 1 regulation size Hollinger storage box, a board game published in 1805, map, books. The collection is available to researchers in accordance with the Workingmen’s Institute rules for the use of manuscripts.

Biographical Notes

Caroline Dale Stillwell (1810-1983) Great great granddaughter of Robert Owen, through David Dale Owen branch and 4 greats granddaughter of John Campbell of the Bank. Married Mr. George W. Field, Mr. Louis Powe Baldwin and Mr. Bewley Allen. 2 adopted children from the Field marriage. 4 children from the Baldwin marriage. Mrs. Allen’s consuming interest was her family history which resulted in this collection and the book, Look to the Distaff.

Scope and Content Notes

The Caroline Dale Baldwin Allen Papers contain the records of at least nine generations of Owens, Campbells, and Dales. They consist of correspondence and personal papers, legal and business documents; much genealogical material; travel information; travel journals and diaries; writings, speeches, slide presentations of places visited; tapes and slides; photographs (a large collection of R. Owen pictures) of family and friends; original sketches by Owen family members. Dates covered range form the 1805 Board Game and 1804 original naval prints to letters written by Mrs. Allen in fall 1983 within weeks of her death. The documents are arranged according to creator, subject matter, type and date.

This manuscript collection consists in general of two basic sections: one, Mrs. Allen’s papers connected with her various trips in search of her ancestors, and second, the Xeroxes of the persons whose papers she has gathered together.

A number of themes are to be found in the first section: Mrs. Allen’s visits to, and participation in, the activities of New Harmony during the years 1923-1981; trips to England (1971); her Scottish search for ancestors and relatives by way of correspondences and visits to Scotland. All of the above were subjects for her writings, speeches, and slide presentations.

The papers collected together in the second section are the result of Mrs. Allen’s labors in the production of her book, Look to the Distaff, published by her family posthumously. It is as the sub-title states, “a record of nine generations of a family line, (Campbell, Dale, Owen),” revealed through the correspondence and papers of Robert Owen, his family and descendants, their friends and others. The greater part of these papers are not originals but Xerox copies, sometimes accompanied by transcriptions, of collections owned privately or by public institutions. With the exception of what Mrs. Allen called the Marshall Papers, all the other collections are fully and professionally processed.

Explanations and Cautions

The nomenclature used by Mrs. Allen for the various manuscript collections is no longer correct. The abbreviations she used which appear on the Xeroxed copies, the full name of the collection, and the correct ownership follow.

  • C.D.O.B. Caroline Dale Owen Baldwin Caroline D.B. Allen Papers (this collection) Workingmen’s Institute and never was a part of Kenneth Owen’s family papers. It was purchased directly from the Baroness Eleanor Stone Perenyi
  • Crawford_Baldwin Collection Kenneth Dale Owen Collection D.P. George Davidson Papers, Bancroft Library (University of California, Berkeley)
  • H.H. Holyoake House: Robert Owen Manchester Collection at Holyoake House, Manchester England K.D.O.
  • Kenneth Dale Owen Family Papers, New Harmony M. Marshall Collection Marshall-Wheeler-Story Papers owned by Kenneth Dale Owen.
  • P.O, Peggy Owen – C.D.B.A. papers acquired or inherited by Mrs. Allen from Mary (Peggy) Owen at her death, and now a part of this collection: Workingmen’s Institute.

A good part of this collection is made up of Xerox copies from various individuals and public repositories. The Workingmen’s Institute has no authority over copied material it does not own. Therefore, it cannot allow researchers to Xerox such papers. This may only be done with permission of the owner. Notes may be taken, as well as very brief verbatim statements. Consult the archivist who has the authority to examine the notes. Errors of fact are committed throughout this collection. This is particularly true of the information passed on by the grandchildren and great grandchildren of Robert Owen, and accepted as true by Mrs. Allen. Students are urged not to accept family tales without adequate investigation first.

Part I
Box 1
Correspondence Concerning this Collection, 1974-1991 (1 folder)

Manuscript Collections Involved in this Collection indexed by Caroline Allan and where located. (6 folders)

  1. George Davidson Papers, Bancroft Library (U. of Cal., Berkeley)
  2. Manchester Collection in Holyoake House, Co-operative Union
  3. “Marshall” collection
  4. Kenneth Dale Owen Collection (includes his original collection plus Baldwin, Crawford, Mary Owen, Nina Stilwell additions)
  5. Mary (Peggy) Owen Workingmen’s Institute (Branigin-Owen Papers)
  6. Various Collections

Genealogical Information

  1. Owen family and branches: Campbell, Dale, Owen, Parke, Stilwell, Baldwin, Lewis (3 folders)
  2. Fauntleroy family (1 folder)
  3. Fitton, Genung, Hay families Scottish branches (3 folders)
  4. Watercolor charts

Box 2
Correspondence and Personal Papers

  1. General correspondence, 1926-1984 (2 folders)
  2. Argyll and Allen, 1973-1983 (3 folders)
  3. Branigin, Gov. Roger D., 1968-1975
  4. Butt, John, 1971-1973
  5. Carmony, Donald F., 1975
  6. Cole, Dame Margaret, 1966-1971 (4 folders)

Box 3

  1. Elliott, Josephine M. and Allen, 1967-1983 (4 folders)
  2. Gourock Ropework Co., 1966-1973
  3. Halemba, Rosa, 1975-1978
  4. Harrison, Prof. John F.C., 1938-1969
  5. Historic New Harmony, Inc., 1976 (2 folders)
  6. Indiana University-Historic New Harmony, Inc.,
  7. 1976 Lewis, Media, 1971-1983 (3 folders)
  8. Marshall, Elliot, 1966-1981

Box 4

  1. Mumford Family, 1969-1977
  2. Pantlin Family, 1966-1979
  3. Pitzer, Dr. Donald E., 1971-1983
  4. Stone, Irivng, 1968-1983
  5. Tanner, Florence, 1970-1982
  6. Thompson, David, 1979
  7. Walker, Mr./Mrs., Charles, 1971-1980
  8. Wells, Herman B., 1968-1969
  9. Wheller, Constance, 1970-1983
  10. Personal Papers, 1885-1980

New Harmony Materials
Box 5

  1. Brochures, pamphlets, historic items – copies of Allen’s R.O. drawings (2 folders)
  2. Programs, 1914-1974
  3. Old Fauntleroy Home – 1925 Pageant
  4. Minerva Society, 1859, Daughters of – 1959
  5. Articles, 1963-1979
  6. Clippings, 1926-1979

Robert Owen Bicentennial Celebrations
United Kingdom

1. Correspondence – 1968-1974, 1970-1971

2. Personal Papers, 1971

3. Thomas Correspondence, 1970-1971 – “Robert Owen Among Us”

4. Proposed publications: “Robert Owen and his Family” “The Dragon, The Eagles, and the Raintree.” One copy of “Robert Owen…” is corrected by John F.C. Harrison. See also Writings Section

5. Bicentennial Miscellany, 1968-1971 – Contains some Bicentennial Bulletins

6. Robert Owen articles, 1945-1976, undated

7. Scrapbook of Bicentennial Events – U.K. & World Tour (Placed on shelf, not in box)

New Harmony – United States

New Harmony Conference, Oct. 15-16, 1971

Correspondence, conference kit, speeches, photos of descendants (3 folders)

Box 6
World Tour

1. Running Diary – Journal I, 1969-1974 — loose-leaf notebook hand-written in ink and typed 104 plus 18 pages. 18×25 cm. Some subjects: Meeting with Prof. S. Goto, Feb. 1969, New York, sponsored by Jane B. Owen; search for Owen-Fauntleroy papers with cousin Elliot William St. John Marshall, April-May 1969; requests to Yale University seeking help editing papers, May 1969; Catskill trip; Mary (Peggy) Owen and her papers, 1970-1974; Owen celebration in New Harmony, Oct. 1971 accompanying folder of loose papers. (2 folders)

2. Shigeru Goto’s visits, Feb. 1969, Jan. 1970 correspondence, Tanka poem, photographs, clippings (1 folder)

3. Journal IV, vol. 1, Jan.-March 1970, bound volume handwritten in ink, 391 pp., 12×16.5 cm., Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore and Ceylon, accompanying folder of loose papers and separate folder on Ceylon. (3 folders)

4. Journal IV, vol. 2, March-April 1970, bound volume, handwritten in ink, 396 p., 13×19 cm., Bangalore, Bombay, Udaipur, Agra, New Delhi, Chandigarb, accompanying folder of loose papers. (2 folders)

Box 7

5. Correspondence, January-April 1970

6. Journal IV, vol. 3, April-June 1970, bound volume, handwritten in ink, 241 p., 12×20 cm. Chandgarb cont., New Delhi (cont.), Teheran, Shiraz, Persepolis, Isfahan (Beirut, Istanbul, Frankfort en route), London, Glasgow, Newtown (Wales), NYC, accompanying folder of loose papers (1 folder)

7. Address Books: World Tour, 1970, Multi-ring notebook, 10.5×16 cm., indexed by CDB Allen, handwritten in ink; Great Britain, 1971, Multi-ring notebook, indexed by CDB Allen, 11×16 cm., handwritten in ink, Great Britain and home, multi-ring notebook, 11×16 cm., indexed by CDB Allen, handwritten in ink. (1 folder)

8. Tapes and transcriptions of British trip, 1973, three-ring notebook, 19×25 cm., handwritten in ink. (1 folder)

9. Bill for art objects (1 folder)

Scottish “Search” for Ancestors and Relatives

Box 8

Visits to Scotland; correspondence with people Mrs. Allen contacted re family searches (Campbell, Dale, Owen, etc.) most of whom were initially unknown to her; correspondence before and following visits; tourist information; much historical material on Scotland (John Campbell of the Bank, the Argyl Clan) which was used by Mrs. Allen for her section on Scotland in her book Look to the Distaff.

1. Correspondence and Visits – Individuals and Places (3 folders)

Duke of Argyl, 1966-1973
Sir Ian Campbell of Barcaldine, 1968-1981
Armorer, countess of Breadalbane
Sir Ronald Campbell, 1967-1983
Mary Cassidy, 1968-1977
Catrine Miscellany, 1968-19773
Mary Cash, 1977-1979
Campbell Godley, 1974-1977
Charles M. M. Crichton, 1973-1978
Lord Michael E. Campbell of Dunstaffnage, 1973-1981
Sir Andrew Gilchrist, 1960-1980
Mr./Mrs. James Gilchrist, 1967-1978
Janet, Lady Campbell, Kilbryde, 1968-1969
Thomas D. Laird, 1967-1973
Celia MacDonald of Sleat, 1966-1976
John McNeil, 1969-1976
Cannon Thomas J. Pugh, 1966-1980

Box 9

Janette D. Thom, 1967-1979
William Watt, 1967, information on R. Owen portrait by Mary Anne Knight
Robert Blair Wilkie, 1967-1977
Braxfield, photos
New Lanark, correspondence and papers, 1968-1977
New Lanark Association, 1966-1982
New Lanark, articles, brochures, 1960s-1978
New Lanark, articles, brochures, 1964-1973
New Lanark, photos (one of K.D. Owen, Carol Owen and C. Baldwin), 1964-1966
Newtown, correspondence, 1968-1971
Newtown and Robert Owen, photos
Newtown, brochures
New town, clippings, 1970-1971

Box 10

2. Research

Largely similar in nature to part 1 with more informative material and many Xeroxes. Less processing has been done to this portion of the collection. These folders contain mainly correspondence and are essentially as Mrs. Allen left them.

  • House of Argyl and the collateral branches of the clan Campbell, 1871, Xerox copy
  • Inverary
  • John Campbell of the Bank, “Leaves from the diary of Colin Campbell of Armaddie” – correspondence, Xeroxes
  • James Campbell, Earl of Loudoun – correspondence, Xeroxes
  • Taymouth Castle: Black Book of Taymouth; “Queen Victoria’s Visit” –Xeroxes
  • Documents relating to the lands of Campbells of Lawers, 1546-1618 –typescripts
  • Campbell, Earl of Breadalane, 1745-1764, Xeroxes
  • “Carol’s History Holiday”, Sept. 29-Dec., 1966, pictures of K.D. Owen and daughter Caroline
  • W. Aitken, Provost of Stewarton, 1973-1982
  • Claud Alexander of Bellochmyle, 1968-1982
  • Allastair Campbell of Aird, 1977-1981
  • Colin Campbell of Aberuchill, tour Guide, 1968-1983
  • I. H. MacDonald, Stewarton Hist. Society, 1982-1985, copy of Mrs. Allen’s article on “David Dale of Stewarton.”

Box 11

  • David Maitland – Titterton, 1967-1980
  • Nexinson, Isabel and John, 1967-1980
  • Royal Bank of Scotland, 1966-1967
  • David Scott-Morcrieff, 1968-1983
  • Ken Short, Chamberlain of Argyl, 1977-1982
  • W. A. Smith, Provost of Inverness, 1973
  • Thomas Taylor of Gryve, 1972-1982

4 folders
Folder 5 – Scottish music
Folder 5 – Slides of Branfield, New Lanark, Newtown
Swatch of wool material – Campbell of Breadalbane tartan
3 tapes – Argyl’s visit to L.A. 1976; Bewley Allen’s dinner, Dublin; various occasions

Writings, Speeches and Slide Presentations

Box 12

(Allen’s own list of published works) (1 folder)

1. Carol D. B. Allen’s visits to New Harmony. 1960-1974

  • Visits to various events in New Harmony sponsored by numerous individuals and organizations (1 folder)
  • Views and estimates of Jane B. and Kenneth D. Owen
  • May 1960 dedication of the Shrine (Later Roofless Church)
  • 1968 visits – changes since 1960
  • Bicentennial celebration, Oct. 1971 –( a one-sided account because the Owen family had no part in the planning or arranging, no mention was made of the people and organizations that put on the celebration and did the work: Harmonie Associates, Indiana State University – Evansville, and the persons officially connected with these organizations, many of whom were townspeople – Josephine Elliott.
  • Oct. 1974 opening of the New Harmony Inn, transcription of Jane Owen’s taped speech recognizing Evans Woolen, Ralph Schwarz and workers.

2. Destined Persuasions, New Harmony: A Spot in Time, They Loved New Harmony, 1923-1976 – [all three titles have been used for this work] “… personal, subjective … sentimental account of New Harmony – mostly Owen familes’ New Harmony. It is a pastiche, made up of five generations of family accounts handed down to me.” Detailed listing in 1st folder. First three folders are in some sort of organization and loosely dated. Last two folders contain duplicates of some sections. (5 folders)

3. Your Affectionate Father, Robert Owen, 1969-1971 – The letters of Robert Owen written to his daughter Jane Dale Owen Fauntleroy: correspondence re publishing the letters, the complete text, portions of the text. (3 folders)

4. Speeches and Writings

  • “The Fearless Men at New Lanark” 2 copies
  • “The Crisis of Robert Owen’s New Lanark Revisited”, 1969, 2 copies
  • “Owen Collection Trove”, first draft
  • A slide presentation: Excerpt form Arthur Grimm’s “There are still flowers about … sown by Owen”, 1972

5. Speeches and Writings for Bicentennial

  • “The Dragon The Eagles and the Raintrees”, 1969, 3 copies, one fully illustrated (1 folder)
  • “The ‘News’ of Robert Owen and his Family” (1 folder)
  • “Robert Owen Yesterday and Today”
  • “Riding Robert Owen’s Coattails”
  • “Flyin Around on Robert Owen’s Caottails”, 1973, slide talk
    [all above are transcripts]
  • David Dale of Stewarton, Etcetera, pub. 1973

Box 13
6. Scottish Writings

  • A Highland Quest, 1966-1978, complete text (1 folder)
  • “Barcaldine Castle” 2 xerox copies (1 folder)
  • Miscellany for A Highland Quest and “Popular Legends and Stories Pertaining to the Clan Campbell” (1 folder)
  • Correspondence, 1978 and booklet “I Visit Inverary Castle, 1978
  • “The Argyl Campbells” from Look to the Distaff (1 folder)
  • Re Campbell Clan (1 folder)

7. Books and Poems for Children

  • From a Singing Heart: Verses of Childhood, with illustrations, original and Xerox (1 folder)
  • Evocations of Childhood, 19 poems, Xerox
  • Miscellany

Boxes 14-18

8. Look to the Distaff Manuscripts

  • First draft and pre-run
  • Edited copy
  • Copy edited after Mrs. Allen’s death
  • Tapes (Located in Box 18)
  1. mainly 1965 – interviews with Louise Crawford, N.H. recollections, history of Owen memorabilia; interview with Joyce Mann, governess of K.D. Owen children and hostess of his home, the Laboratory in N.H.
  2. 1974 – Ralph Schwarz tour of N.H.; Pop’s birthday party
  3. 1974, April 18 and 18 – dinner at Mumford home – Tom, Tish, Florence Tanner, Nan Ford, Ralph Schwarz; Jane Owen’s birthday party April 18
  4. 1974, April 20 and 21 – concert at Thrall’s ; dedication of Waddam’s Chapel
  5. 1974 – April 19 – documents and memorabilia committee; Farewell luncheon at Red Geranium, Ralph Schwarz tour of Deep Creek Farm


Box 19

1. Personal

  • Miscellaneous: Goto’s visit; Allen’s trip to India
  • New Harmony Views, 1950-1970
  • World Tour: Japan, Taiwan, Jan.-Feb, 1970
  • World Tour: India, Mar. April, 1970
  • World Tour: India, Ceylon, April 1970
  • World Tour: Album of trip to Bombay, April 1970

(These photographs have been sorted but not arranged. Prints and negatives do not always match.)

2. Portraits of Robert Owen

(Lists of pictures of Owen owned or viewed by C.D.B. Allen. All of the items in this collection are photographic copies; only the first two are originals)

  • Oil portrait on ivory, artist and date are unknown, Mrs. Allen inherited from Mary (Peggy) Owen
  • Daguerrotype, print and negative, photographer and date unknown
  • Medallion J. Leverotti of bust by J.S. DeVille, 1822
  • Water color, Mary Ann Knight, c. 1829, National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh
  • Portrait, Auguste Hervieu, 1829, Cincinnati
  • Oil portrait, artist and date unknown, owned by Eleanor Stone Perenyi
  • Black crayon drawing, Rembrandt Peale, 1833, London, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Oil Portrait on wood, W. H. Brooks, 1834, National Portrait Gallery, London, also copy of a steel engraving by H.T. Ryall
  • Lithograph published in Manchester, England, 1840
  • Silhouette, Auguste Edouart, Birmingham, 1838, University of London Library
  • Lithograph L. or E.A.R., date unknown
  • Oil portrait, John Cranch, 1845, Washington, Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis
  • Oil portrait, J. Comerford, date unknown
  • Paste medallion, “Miss” Beach, 1840s
  • Engraving printed by William Farquahar, 1856, negative
  • Crayon drawing, Sam Bough[?] 1857 [?]
  • Oil portrait, artist and date unknown, owned by Gourock Rope Work, Greenock
  • Wax medallion, artist and date unknown, lost in Baldwin fire, in 1965
  • Photograph, photographer and date unknown
  • Bronze full-length statue, Robert Owen Memorial Part, Newtown, Wales

3. Family

  • Anne Caroline Dale Owen (Mrs. Robert Owen)
  • David Dale and Family, two Dale sisters: Mary Dale Stuart and Jane Maxwell Dale
  • Mary Campbell, wife of Alexander Campbell, daughter of John of the Bank (framed)

Box 20
4. Photographs of Community Personages

Maclure, Say, R.D. Owen, Dr. Murphy

5. Photographs of People, Places, Events

  • People – Mainly older generations of the Owen family and friends, townspeople, some unidentified. Arranged alphabetically. (5 folders)
  • Places – Harmonist buildings, Owen family dwellings, New Harmony buildings, street scenes (includes rare West Street view looking north); Owen family chest of drawers in No.2 given to the State by Carol Baldwin Allen for N.H. Memorial Commission. (3 folders)
  • Events – Fauntleroy Home and Women’s Federated Clubs

6. Photographs of Drawings

  • Giraffe Femelle, ca. 1827, Paris
  • 13th c. Madonna (icon), letter and article, 1928 and 1948
  • Portrait of a Young Man – perhaps by Raphael Sanzio

7. Originals – Drawings and Prints (4 folders)

  • 5 pencil sketches of Community people, unidentified, artists unknown
  • 2 views, one of New Harmony, one by Constance Runcie, Xerox copies
  • 6 naval engagements between British and French Napoleonic fleets, 1804-1809
  • 1 Cormorants Cave, Staffa, 1817
  • 4 views of Hofwyl, Switzerland and environs, Pergignon, Leopold, del., Maillet, Masquetier, engrave
  • 4 engravings made for 1852 geological report by D. D. Owen
  • Game Board: “Science in Sport, or The Pleasures of Natural Philosophy”, publ. 1805 “For Master Dale Owen and Master Richard Owen”, 72×56 cm. Print, negative, 2 photostats; negative and Photostat of recipient’s names. Cataloged as XVI.18 and placed in the Oversized Manuscript Case.


The remainder of the documents in this collection consist largely of the correspondence and papers of Robert Owen, his family and descendants, their friends and others. With some exceptions they are Xerox copies made from originals in numerous collections. Source of the documents is generally indicated. The arrangement is alphabetical by last name and chronological within the folder. In may instances the correspondence is two-sided.

Box 21

  • Agassiz, Louis 1853, ALS Xerox
  • Armstrong (Owen) Family, 1967-1970, ALS originals, carbons, photos
  • D’Arusmont, Phiquepal, 1815, and Frances Wright, 1828, original, ALS original, Xeroxes
  • Bache, Alexander Dallas, 1847-1850 and Ency, 1846-1860, ALS Xeroxes
  • Ballantyne, Margaret (Robert Dale’s Jessie), 1827 & 1828, Xeroxes
  • Black, Charles Homan, 1882-1911, ALS Xeroxes
  • Bolton, Samuel, 1844 and Frank, 1873 and 1898, ALS Xeroxes
  • Bugden, Mary, 1830’s –1859, ALS originals, transcriptions (2 folders)
  • Carman, Ezra, 1859, ALS original, Xerox
  • Chappellsmith, Margaret, 1853, ALS Xerox
  • Clarke, Marguerite (Daisy) Owen, ALS Xerox
  • Cooper, Eleanor Reed, 1935, ALS Xerox
  • Cooper, Florence Dale Owen, 1851-1862, ALS originals, Xeroxes, Mary (Mollie) Sampson’s death
  • Cooper, Horatio, 1853-1857, ALS Xeroxes
  • Cooper, John, Sr., 1857-1859, ALS Xeroxes
  • Cox, Edward Travers, 1861, ALS original
  • Crawford, Louise, 1960, clipping
  • David Dale, 1783-1973, correspondence and papers; biog. materials; “The House in Charlotte Street;” play “David Dale’s Daughters;” photos; C.D.B. Allen’s trips and lectures about D.D., ALS Xeroxes, transcriptions (8 folders)
  • Dale Sisters, Jane, Julia, Margaret, 1816?-1826, ALS Xeroxes, transcriptions
  • Dana, Charles, A., 1853, ALS Xerox

Box 22

  • Davidson, Ellinor Campbell, 1942, ALS originals
  • Davidson, Ellinor Fauntleroy, 1845-1890, undated, correspondence to sister Constance, ALS 1 original, 30 Xeroxes, (1 folder) Correspondence to mother Jane D. O. Fauntleroy, 1858-1860, ALS Xeroxes and transcripts (3 folders)
  • Davidson, George, correspondence dates: 1848-1910, various correspondents, ALS Xeroxes, correspondence to Constance and Ellinor, 1856-1858, ALS Xeroxes, Correspondence to wife Ellinor (EFD), 1859, ALS Xeroxes, (2 folders) correspondence to Jane D.O. Fauntleroy, 1851-1860, ALS Xeroxes, transcriptions (4 folders)

Box 23

Correspondence to Constance F. Runcie, 1861-1910, ALS Xeroxes, personal papers, 1844- post 1911, biographies, memberships and honors, articles, photos, ownership of portraits

  • Denby, Charles, 1858, ALS Xerox
  • Duclos, Pierre L, 1859, ALS Xerox
  • Dulles, John Foster, 1945, ALS original
  • Edgeworth, Maria, 1840, ALS Xerox
  • Evans, Louisa Neef, 1851-1858, to sisters, sisters-in-law, Richard Owen, ALS originals and Xeroxes
  • Fauntleroy, Arthur R., 1856-1884, correspondence and personal papers, ALS Xeroxes
  • Fauntleroy, Edward H., correspondence 1853-1858, ALS originals, correspondence 1851-1860, ALS Xeroxes, correspondence to mother, 1858-1859, ALS Xeroxes and transcriptions, personal papers 1856-1857, Xeroxes (5 folders)
  • Fauntleroy, Emily Carter, 1848-1857, correspondence, ALS Xeroxes and transcriptions
  • Fauntleroy, Emily H., 1878, correspondence, ALS Xerox

Box 24

  • Fauntleroy, Jane Dale Owen, 1837-1861, undated, correspondence, to and from, 1821-1861, undated, ALS Xeroxes and transcripts, (7 folders) correspondence to George Davidson, 1851-1861, ALS Xeroxes, transcriptions, (6 folders) personal papers, 1811-1861, Xeroxes and transcriptions, legal and business papers, AD Xeroxes. Writings, “Records of a Beloved Life;” Journal, 1831; poems on deaths of her sisters; miscellaneous writings, ALS Xeroxes and transcriptions (4 folders)

Box 25

  • Fauntleroy, Robert Henry, correspondence, 1837-1849, ALS Xeroxes. Papers: personal, business, legal, 1835-1878, AD Xeroxes
  • Fauntleroy, Lou Lou, correspondence, 1850-1860, ALS Xeroxes
  • Fauntleroy, Mary Emily, correspondence, 1935-1944, ALS originals, Xeroxes
  • Fauntleroy, Thomas T. (Jr. and Sr.), correspondence, 1849-1869
  • Fauntleroy, William, personal papers

Box 26

  • Fitton, Henry (Harry) and Mary Frances Owen, correspondence, 1854-1865 (10 folders). This is a group of letters all but a few of which were exchanged between the Fittons during the Civil War. Those from Henry describe in fine detail some of the War’s events; Mary Frances’ give information on the home front in N.H., ALS originals. Correspondence, 1852-1898, miscellaneous, ALS originals. Personal papers, 1842-1876, 1881 (2 folders) – correspondence, accounts (Mary Frances’ accounts just following her father’s death; Civil War papers; map of downtown New Harmony. Mainly calling cards. ALS ADS originals. E Company, 60th Regiment, Indiana Volunteers, 1862-1864, ADS originals.
  • Flower, B.O., 1910, ALS Xerox
  • Fory, John C., 1844-1850, ALS Xerox
  • Fretageot, Madame Marie D., 1825, ALS Xerox
  • Genung, Kathrine Dale Owen (Mrs. J. Halcombe), correspondence, 1958, undated, ALS original
  • Goldschmid, Amna, 1844-1880 (3 folders), ALS Xeroxes and transcriptions. Correspondence with long-time friend Jane Owen Fauntleroy. Correspondence with descendants of Goldschmid (David Montague)

Box 27

  • Maclure, Alexander, 1845, correspondence and personal papers, ALS Xeroxes, typescript
  • Maclure, William, 1814?-1826, correspondence, mainly to Joseph Neef, SLS Xeroxeses
  • Macy, B. C., 1850-1858, correspondence, SLS Xeroxes
  • Maier, Owen, 1943-1947, correspondence, ALS Originals
  • Mann, Hindmarsh and Robertson families, 1798-1860, correspondence, ALS originals
  • Marshall, c. Blessing Runcie, account of Jane D. Owen and Robert Henry
  • Neal, Aline Owen, 1933, ALS original
  • Neef, Joseph, 1802-1812, personal papers, Xeroxes, translation and transcription
  • Owen, Alfred Dale, 1853-1878, correspondence, ALS Xeroxes
  • Owen, Anne Caroline Dale (Mrs. Robert), 1821-1831, correspondence and papers. SLS Xeroxes, transcriptions, letters to family, “Renunciation” letter, recipes, personal papers, original death notice
  • Owen, Anne Caroline, 1820s – 1830, ALS AD Xeroxes, transcriptions
  • Owen, Anne Eliza Neef (Mrs. Richard) correspondence, 1862, ALS Xerox
  • Owen, Caroline C. Neef (Mrs. David Dale) correspondence and papers, 1837-1870, ALS Xeroxes
  • Owen, David Dale correspondence, 1852-1858, ALS originals; correspondence, 1827-1860, ALS Xeroxes, transcriptions, to wife brothers and sister; mainly concerning his work, places he is surveying; papers, 1831-1879, 1889, Xeroxes clipping, autobiography in Leidy letter; “Facts in regard to Dr. Owen’s Laboratory” (the granary), division of estate, clipping re his specimens (4 folders)
  • Owen, Della Mann correspondence and papers, 1862-1924 ALS AD typescripts, biography of Jane Dale Owen Fauntleroy
  • Owen, Ernest Dale and Mary Jane R. Owen correspondence [186?], ALS Xerox
  • Owen, Eugene Fellenberg correspondence and papers, 1857?-1863, ALS originals Xeroxes
  • Owen, Horace Pestalozzi correspondence, 1890-1912, ALS Xeroxes
  • Owen, Julian Dale correspondence, 1880-1891, ALS Xeroxes, transcriptions
  • Owen, Malcolm and Katherine Fitton correspondence and personal papers, 1916-1935, ALS originals, Xeroxes, clippings
  • Owen, Mary Dale (Robert Owen’s daughter correspondence and poetry, ALS Xeroxes, transcriptions
  • Owen, Mary Dale (Peggy) correspondence, ALS original

Box 28

  • Owen, Mary Jane Robinson (Mrs. Robert Dale) correspondence, 1832-1865, undated (3 folders), 1 folder mainly Branigin-Owen Collection: letters written on their honeymoon when separated, he is in London, she is in Paris with the d’Arusmonts; letters from Naples and Germany; to Jane O. Fauntleroy and other family members.
  • Owen Richard correspondence, ca. 1837-1889, undated, to and form wife, family members, later niece Constance Runcie, New H armony friends, E.T. Cox, scientists Agassiz and Lesquereux; during the Mexican and Civil Wars; from Western Military Institute at Nashville, TN, ALS Xeroxes; Military papers, 1847-1849 AD originals; Mexican War; Papers, 1848-1887, “Brief History of the Social Experiment at New Harmony, Indiana,” 1887; administrator of D.D. Owen’s estate; papers relating to several house properties, AD Xeroxes; Travel Journal, 1869, original; “Old Views from New Standpoint. Mem. Book No. 4, France, Germany, N. Italy, Austria, Turkey, N. Guinea;” personal papers, 1870-1913, biographical articles, originals

Box 29

  • Owen, Robert (11 folders) correspondence, 1793-1858, ALS original, Xeroxes, transcriptions, originals mainly to wife and children; to partners, close friends, supporters (Allen, Walker, J. Applegath), “To the Prime Minister,” “To the House of Lords and Commons,” Louis Kossuth of Hungary. One folder of transcriptions of letters from Robert Owen to daughter, Jane; Papers, 1825-1974, some autobiographical; Personal papers and memorabilia, 1856-1971, originals, Xeroxes: Proclamation, Order of funeral procession, R.O. Commemorative stamp, watercolors of R.O. by Allen; linen napkin, lock of R. Owen’s hair

Box 30

  • Owen, Robert Dale (8 folders) correspondence, 1816-1876, ALS originals, Xeroxes, transparencies, originals mainly to Richard re family news and business; information about large Owen family mansion; Nicholas Trist correspondence; letters published in Free Enquirer; Branigin-Owen honeymoon correspondence; letters from Washington when in Congress, from Naples when minister; to brothers and sisters at father’s death – last hours and funeral, final accounts; Jane’s death; Civil War period.
  • “Daily Memorial or Journal”, 1831, AD watermark, 37 p. ink, 17×20.5 cm., original Xeroxes “Commenced Jany. 1st 1931 to April 21 (last date); his own observations on life in New Harmony; Personal papers Death (1877) and reburial in New Harmony (1937); papers – Congressional Bill, 1845; proposed Memorial to Owen in connection with Smithsonian activities; letter to Lincoln; Lincoln photos, 1862; Business papers, 1823-1876 – “The Scotch Business”, settlement of David Dale’s (grandfather) estate. ALS AD
  • Owen, William- Sketch book of watercolors, also used for copybook (Schiller translation and Richardson, poem in William’s hand). Color charts may date form student days at Hofwyl, Switzerland. Date 1829 places him in New Harmony. A.M. 30 o. 19×22 cm. Ink and watercolor original, originally in Mary Owen Collection, a descendant. Essays – Aufsatze, 1819-1821. bound volumes of essays in German, except for first. AM 104 p., 15×20 cm., original, William’s signature pp. 34, 44, 57, 69, 76, 101. Correspondence and papers, 1825-1843, ALS Xeroxes. Personal papers – poem to sister (Jane?); citizenship application, 1825, 1836, 1839; business agreements; biography by Della Mann, AM AD originals, Xeroxes
  • Parke Family correspondence and papers, 1830-1907, genealogy, ALD originals
  • Parke, Nina Dale Owen correspondence, ALS Xeroxes, Histories of New Harmony; poem: “The Old Homestead;’ “An Event of the Twenty-third of March.” Xeroxes. Hahn-Parke Quartets – Album of sketches by Teddy Hahn, drawings and cut-outs, originals; booklets and publicity
  • Penrose, Clem stationery
  • Price, Dr. William correspondence, ALS Xeroxes
  • Reid, Margaret correspondence, 1845-1858, ALS Xeroxes
  • Roe, Jane Wallace correspondence, ALS Xeroxes

Box 31

  • Runcie, Constance Fauntleroy (10 folders) Correspondence, 1845-1911, undated, to and from family and friends; to grandfather Robert Owen; to mothers, sister and brothers; husband James, brother-in-law George Davidson; re publishing her musical compositions; family deaths; her children; the San Francisco earthquake, ALS Xeroxes, a few transcriptions. Papers, 1876-1911 – personal and biographical, will, biography, hand prints – original, AD Xeroxes, typescript. Writings – poetry, love poetry; tributes to husband, article on spiritualism, AM Xeroxes, typescripts, clippings. Clippings –personal, biographical, obituaries
  • Runcie, Ellinor Dale correspondence and papers, 1884-1925 ALS AM Xeroxes, transcriptions, article to local paper clearing up distinctions between her branch of the Fauntleroys and Mary Emily Fauntleroy

Box 32

  • Runcie, The Rev. James correspondence, 1851-1887, mainly written to wife Constance – family matters, concerns of the church and people of the parish, ALS Xeroxes. Personal papers, 1851-1889, Xeroxes (4 folders)
  • Runcie, James Fauntleroy, “Roy” correspondence, 1879-1903, ALS Xeroxes, transcriptions, handwriting varies in several letters
  • Salmon, Louisa M. papers, undated, Xerox
  • Sampson, Mary (Mollie) correspondence, 1850’s – to Stuttgart, ALS Xeroxes
  • Schnee, David M. correspondence, 1879, ALS Xerox
  • Snedeker, Caroline Parke correspondence, 1906-1948, ALS originals Xeroxes – to family members, including Caroline D. B. Allen. A series to nephew Owen Maier, particularly during World War II. Personal papers- sketches of Maclure House, death of son; clippings. Family reminiscences and writings – D.D. Owen, Maclure House; S. F. Runcie, Parke House and family, New Lanark and Newtown. Legal papers, 1911-1957- contracts for her books; wills ADS originals Xeroxes; Map of New Harmony AD original (2 folders)
  • Stewart, Mary Dale (Mrs. Robert Owen’s sister) correspondence, 1828-1855, ALS Xeroxes
  • Stilwell, Nina Parke, (Mother of Mrs. Allen) correspondence 1913-1964, ALS originals
  • Stone, Grace Zaring correspondence, newspaper articles, 1890-1864, undated, ALS originals
  • Templeton, Rosamond Dale Owen Oliphant (3 folders) correspondence, 1860-1935, ALS originals, Xeroxes. To her brothers, cousins, nieces, friends; from Hiafa – long, informative letters about her situation and status of her property; latter letters from England. The Middle Eastern letters are important, and some were used by Karl Arndt.
  • Thrall, Eugene correspondence, 1863, ALS original Xerox
  • Twort, Lizzie correspondence, 1858-1971, ALS Xeroxes, transcriptions
  • Wilson, Robert E. L. correspondence, typescript
  • Wodehouse, Francis and Henrietta correspondence, 1856-1863, ALS Xeroxes, transcription
  • Miscellaneous (2 folders).

Box 33

Miscellaneous – Slides – Slides, preface to slide speeches and slide lists . Caution: Numerous errors of identifications and other mistakes. Lists do not match and the arrangement of slides which was not disturbed. See accompanying sheet in Slide Lists folder.

Box 34

Concordance to the Holy Scripture by the Rev. John Brown of Haddington London, 1816. Owen book plate; signature: A. C. Owen – could be Anne Caroline Owen (Mrs. Robert Owen).

Mary Bolton’s bridal slippers.

Mrs. William Owen’s frames (empty)

         Scrapbook of R. Owen Bicentennial Celebration, UK and World Tour 1968-71


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