Series VIII Oversize Case (Maps, Plans, Posters, Etc.)
April 30, 2009
Caroline Dale Baldwin Allen Papers
June 27, 2009

OVERSIZE BOXES – in the Art & Music section of Branigin Archives


ENGRAVINGS – Box 1    

  • Portraits of Robert Owen = 7; Portraits of William Maclure = 5 – Folder 1
  • View of New Harmony, published for Hermann J. Meyer, ©1852 – Folder 2
  • William Maclure – Chretein Physiognotrace – Folder 3
  • Engravings by or of interest to John Chappellsmith = 11 items – Folder 4
  • Alexander von Humboldt, 7 scientific drawings, 1801 – Folder 5
  • Lesueur prints “from New Holland” 2 items – Folder 6
  • Father Rapp’s residence, New Harmony, from Ariel (artist’s rendition, not accurate) – Folder 7
  • Pictures of engravings by C. Tiebout – Folder 8
  • Loose prints, 1785-1840s, most for The New York Mirror publication – Folder 9
  • A. Lesueur engravings, portraits of J. Barbarino, Col. Vigo, Mr. Badolet – Folder 10



PRINTS – Box 2

  • Elizabeth Mumford print: President Taft, 1914 New Harmony Centennial Parade
  • Jacob Maentel prints: “Miss Faul” and several other portraits
  • Photos of portraits of Indiana state geologists by R. Judah, 1976: David Dale Owen, Ryland T. Brown, Richard Owen, Edward T. Cox, James M. Thompson, Sylvester S. Gorby, Willis S. Blatchley, Edward Barrett, William N. Logan, Ralph E. Esary, Charles F. Deiss, John B. Patton
  • Hermann Meyer print of New Harmony copied from Karl Bodmer, no date




  • Oval portrait, oil on canvas, possibly William, Alexander or John Maclure, no date or artist
  • Sketches by M. E. Keating and E. Bolton
  • Folder containing works by Ella Clymer Dietz, member of the Minerva Society – miniature oil; pencil sketch by William Fleetwood Varley, 1830; pencil sketch by Chadwick, 1861; pencil sketch by Homer Lichtenberger, 1872; pencil sketch by Grace Zaring Stone.
  • Two folders of watercolor and pencil sketches by William L. Lichtenberger, approximately 65.
  • Three works by John Chappellsmith in watercolor and pencil: Wabash River Scene showing Fox Island, watercolor portrait of his relative, pencil sketch of father & child.
  • Pencil and watercolor scene of Church Street N.W. showing the Granary and Rapp House. By H. Rogers, most likely copied from an earlier work by David Dale Owen.
  • Numerous watercolor, charcoal and pencil sketches by Bessie L. Mumford, 1890s.
  • Four pencil and charcoal sketches of Horace Pestalozzi Owen by James Baldwin, pre-1914.
  • Three views in pen and ink of New Harmony by Jules Parke, probably from earlier sketches by David Dale Owen, 1890s to 1900.
  • Sketch titled, “Tomb of Pompey the Great” signed by C. Frielinghausen, 1898.
  • Charcoal portrait of David M. Schnee, Clauser Bros. Artists, undated
  • Watercolor by Mary Ford of David Dale Owen laboratory, undated
  • “Phiquepal’s Puppies” – Pencil sketch by G. W. Warren
  • “Coxy’s Field, Study 1,” Dunlap, summer 1963
  • Two-sided charcoal sketch, “Sweet September,” doodles on back, no date or artist
  • Pencil drawing by William James Sims, 1887
  • Watercolor by Virginia Dupalais Twigg







  • An Evening of Dance Theater, Peggy Lawler, Thrall’s Opera House, 1981
  • Pelham Barometer Readings, 1852-1883
  • Poster and program for Travels of C. A. Lesueur, by Dr. Marie-Louise Loir Hemphill, 1976
  • New Harmony Fire Department Logo decal, undated
  • Tree Survey of Posey County Indiana, 1807
  • Liberty Darling Brooks poster, “A Card to Invalids,” undated, advertising a new approach to healing using medicines.
  • Poster: Honor to the Brave – Free Barbecue Honoring Capt. Richard Owen’s Company of volunteers returning from Mexico.  27 July 1848.
  • Birth certificate in German, Pennsylvania, 20 August 1807
  • Pattern for tapestry picture from Betsy Craddock’s School, New Harmony, Indiana. Presented to the WMI by former student Kate Schnee Highman in 191[4?].  Image of Joseph being put in well by his brothers.  Captions in German.
  • Poster for Henry Brown Co. Clothier, New Harmony. 28 × 45 cm.
  • Schematic of Corbin Mill, 1896, Hand drawn, 35 × 45 cm.
  • Twigg Family materials.
  • Minerva Society member photographs, 2 pages, 50 × 30 cm.
  • 1859 Fourth of July celebration poster, Reproduced in 1980, one full-sheet and one half-size.
  • Ladies Library of Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana, membership list with occupations, amount of subscription in money, names of books donated, books purchased, etc. Submitted as an application for the $500.00 award from the Maclure Library Fund. 1855.
  • Flyer of committee findings, investigating an institution of higher education in New Harmony. Committee members were Richard Owen and E. T. Cox.  14 September 1865
  • Advertising notice of The Wadesville Convention Farce & Mt. Vernon Clique, undated
  • Roster for the 1902 New Harmony chapter of the Ku Klux Klan – original and photocopy
  • Democratic Rally poster for Samuel Ralston (governor 1913-1917). From 1912 campaign
  • Anatomical annotated sketches done in New Harmony ca. 1830 by an artist identified as Clorion. The drawings and annotations were taken from “The Medical Advisor and Domestic Physician” published in London.  The drawings are accompanied by a provenance supplied by Dr. Huron W. Lawson when they were given to the Surgeon General’s Library, United States Army, Washington, D.C.  The WMI holds 26 × 35 cm. color copies.  The originals are held by The U.S. National Library of Medicine and can be viewed on their website.  There is much debate as to the identity of Clorion.  Several drawings by Clorion are held in the private archives of the Owen Family in New Harmony.  In 1830 New Harmony, there were several individuals capable of producing quality artwork.  Most prominent among them is David Dale Owen.  Not only an artist, he was a trained physician.  A folder of background information is stored with the sketches.
  • Fauntleroy Family genealogy, 6 sheets. 45 × 65 cm. (white on blue background)
  • Grand Army of the Republic, Shattered document




  • John Chappellsmith painting of Indian Mound with river (in Melora’s database – Cabinet 25.Drawer C) Donor:  C. Lauron Hooper, 1938.
  • Watercolor of the Wabash in three sections by Clem Penrose-painted for proposal for Harmony on the Wabash exhibit in the museum of the WMI, south end of Branigin Archives, Room 3
  • Grandma Moses Portfolio, prints of eight paintings, in its original box, labeled – in Art & Music
  • Watercolor of shrike by Charles Alexander LeSueur, and photographs of several of his drawings